5 Tips for Being Creative in Winter

creativity in winterI’ve experienced it and I’ve heard it from a lot of people.  It can be difficult to stay creative and inspired in winter.

For me it’s a big combination of factors that all collide together.  It’s cold (I like it warm).  There isn’t enough daylight.  I love being outside in nature.  It snows a lot where I live and I feel trapped by it.

But I have learned to adapt and get myself out of my winter blues relatively quickly.

Gentle warning:  Some days you need to just be okay with having low energy and being kind to yourself.  In fact, I suggest that all days you are kind to yourself.  Don’t push yourself too hard.  It is winter, after all, and it’s a time for rest.  (Some animals hibernate during this time.  I think we should take a lesson from that.)  Just be gentle and kind with yourself.

IMG_9862-0015 Tips for Being Creative in Winter

Tip #1

Try to appreciate what good things you like about winter.

I don’t like snow because I’m worried about my husband driving to work.  It’s cold.  It’s messy.  It makes it difficult to get around.  However, it’s rarely a problem for very long.  I won’t be stranded for long.

Plus, snow is beautiful.  It brightens up the otherwise dreary winter.  It makes everything look bright, fresh and new.  It somehow quiets everything in the world a little.  Plus it can be actually be fun to be snowed in.

Think about something you really appreciate about winter.  Maybe it’s something like you get to wear your favorite scarf or cuddle up in a blanket your aunt made you.

Now that you’re thinking more positively, find some inspiration.  Maybe the sky is super blue today.  Maybe the snow is so beautiful and inspires a winter white necklace.

Winter inspiration

Tip #2

Let the sunshine in.

This relates to my missing the daylight.  When you get up, make sure all the blinds in your house are open.  It can be quite sunny during the day in winter, so I let it in as much as possible while I can.

It is hard to stay down in the dumps and uninspired while bathing in the sunlight.  Even if you cannot go outside, just stand and take in the sun on your face through a window.

IMG_9858Tip #3

Go out into nature.

Yes, pull on your coat and mittens and head on out.  The pictures in this post were taken during a snow storm yesterday.  We have had a lot of snow this year where I live and I was getting pretty tired of it and getting a little cabin fever already.  So I took a walk in the park.  In the snow.  It was so much better getting out of the house for a while.

Plus as an extra added bonus I got to do one of my favorite creative pastimes:  photography!

Tip #4

When you do get inspiration, jot it down for the times when you feel less creative.

When I start having ideas they often come at me at a rate that I could never keep up.  So I write them all down.

In fact, here’s my big secret system for keeping and storing my ideas:  Note cards.

I write or sketch my ideas each on a separate note card.  Then I have a note card box divided into categories to keep them in.  When I’m trying to come up with an idea for jewelry to make or a blog post to write, I refer to the cards.  If I’m every blocked creatively, I know that I have tons of ideas right there.

Sometimes I go though the box and get all inspired and excited again just looking at all the ideas.  This works even when I’m feeling less than creative.

Maybe you’d do better with a sketchpad or notebook.  Just find something that works for you!

IMG_9856Tip #5

Go on a creativity expedition.

Different creativity teachers have different names for this.  I call it this because I love the idea of going on an adventure.

Basically, get out of the house and go on an adventure.  Julia Cameron calls it an artist date.  There are plenty of things you can do in the winter.  For example, you can go to a museum, check out an art gallery, go thrifting at Goodwill, browse through antique stores, window shop at boutiques, take a walk around your town, take the train or a bus to another town, etc., etc.

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in the house!

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IMG_9854I hope this helps you to be creative and not let winter drag you down.  Remember, be kind and loving to yourself.  Don’t force it.  It will come to you!

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