Craft Shows are Hard — This Will Help

Craft Show Tips eBook

I hear it a lot.

“It’s so hard to make money at craft shows.”

The shows cost more and the attendance isn’t as good.  People aren’t buying as much as they used to.

Gone are the days of “If I sell it, they will buy it.”

Gone are the days of “as long as enough people show up I will do fine.”

It’s hard.  I know.  It’s just not what it used to be.


That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

We just have to be smarter and more prepared than ever before!

Being prepared means knowing who our customers are, where to find them and placing ourselves in their path. 

In fact, if you figure that out on your own, you don’t need me or my eBook at all. 

But, if you want my guidance, I’m here  to help. 

I am passionate about craft shows.  Craft shows are where I really got good at knowing my customer.  Craft shows are where I met my best allies.  I got in stores from being a craft shows.  I would have never been at Building Character for all those years without an event where I was selling my jewelry and met the owners.  That positively affected my business, not to mention my profits, in so many ways.

Craft shows are where we as artists and crafters really put ourselves out there.  Yes, you might have a website and that is awesome.  I mean it.  It’s important and essential.  But if you really want to dig deeper, get in the trenches and meet your customers – face-to-face – you do that at a craft show. 

It’s a lot of work, but I promise you it’s worth it in the end.

That’s why I revised  my Craft Show Tips eBook.  I love craft shows and I want you to love them, too.  You’re not going to love them if you do shows where you make little money. 

Craft Show Tips is an eBook filled with ideas and a step-by-step plan for preparing for shows, finding shows, choosing the right shows for your product, what to do at shows and selling at nontraditional venues like farmer’s markets.

But really, it’s about being prepared and making smart choices so you can have the best day possible.

By the end of the book you’ll know:

  • How to price your products
  • How to find shows      
  • How to choose the right shows for your product
  • Who your ideal customer is     
  • What to pack         
  • How much product to take         
  • What inventory you’re going to take        
  • How to set up your stand to draw in customers      
  • How to get back in touch with customers and potential customers (even if they don’t purchase from you this time)       
  • What to do and say at the show        
  • How to tear down       
  • How to successfully vend at markets

But most importantly you’ll have all the information you need to be as successful as possible at craft shows.

You can still be successful at craft shows.  Let me show you how.  Click the green box below to go the sale page and click “add to cart” to purchase. You’ll get an email right away with the eBook so you start reading and planning now.

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