Craft Show Tips: Getting Ready – Craft Show Display

craft show display

One of the most important parts of a successful craft show is your craft show display.

You’re selling products; however, your booth is what gets them to look at those products!

Things to keep in mind when figuring out your display:

  1. Know your customer.  What would they like.  It might not be the same as what you like.
  2. Make sure the style of your booth matches the style of your product.  Also, if you have a certain theme, keep with it throughout the entire process:  booth, product, packaging.
  3. Make sure it’s realistic for the shows you are planning to do.  You could come up with a beautiful booth, but if it’s not portable it’s not really realistic.
  4. Think about the details and the big picture.  How are you going to get the people in the “door”, how are you going to keep them looking around?  What is the best display for your products?
  5. You don’t have to spend a fortune!  Check around your house for things you can use and then hit up thrift stores!

Now, get planning on your booth!  Have more questions about craft shows?  Check out my newly updated Craft Show Tips eBook!

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