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craft show tipsCraft Show Displays

Besides your products, of course, your craft show stand is one of the most important things for a successful craft show.  Yes, of course, your products are what you sell and what makes you the money, but your stand or booth is what gets people to look at your creations.

In my eBook, Craft Show Tips, I give you ideas from my past set up.  It’s really important that you think about what you are selling as well as your customers when you’re designing your booth.

If you’re doing trade shows and some other major events, there will be guidelines that you will need to follow.  So if you’re doing those types of shows it’s best to refer to those guidelines before designing your booth.  For most craft shows, though, you have full creative license to do what you like.

If you sell jewelry, for example, it is really tempting to go out and buy all those black velvet displays you find to display your work.  Those are perfect for some jewelry and work for many people.  They are convenient, too.  But think about your customer for a moment.  Will they be drawn in to look at your jewelry (even if your jewelry is creative and unique) if they see the same displays that every other jewelry artist uses?  They may not even think that it’s different than any other jewelry artist’s jewelry because the displays are the same.  You know it’s different and I do, but they’re not intimately connected to your jewelry.  They may not even be that interested in jewelry at all.

(And I think it’s fine to use them sparingly.)

Now consider if you have a unique booth.  You have your bracelets on some jars, some really unique displays and interesting ways of displaying earrings, etc.  People come in and actually look at your jewelry because it’s so uniquely displayed, even if they weren’t necessarily thinking of buying jewelry to begin with.  They expect it to be unique and different because it’s uniquely displayed.

Before they may have just assumed your jewelry was like the others because it was displayed similarly.

(Granted, the shutter earring display isn’t really so unique anymore.  lol)

Now, here’s your homework:

Think about what you sell.  What types of displays will you need?  What products are you selling? (For example in jewelry will you be selling earrings?  What are some ideas for displaying them?)

Now brainstorm some creative ideas for displaying.

Sometimes it’s easier when you see possibilities in person.  Head out to yard sales, thrift stores, used furniture stores, anything you can think of and see what you can find.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money when you are a creative person.  (You are a creative person!  You make creative things all the time!)

Once you start thinking about displaying your work, you’ll start finding all kinds of ideas all over the place!

Do you live near a cute boutique town?  Go into the shops and see the unique ways they’re displaying things for ideas.

Check out Craft Show Tips eBook for more ideas and a breakdown of my booth’s displays.

I have a Pinterest board with ideas:

Follow Kimberlie Kohler Designs’s board Craft Show Displays on Pinterest.

Keep an open mind and you’ll come up with all kinds of ideas!


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