Craft Show Tip Q & A: How to Deal with Wind

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I have talked about wind – and how much I loathe it at outdoor craft shows – before, but I never gave really specific tips on what to actually do about it!

This week is a Q & A.  I had a question about what to actually do about the wind at a craft show.

The audio is filled with lots of useful tips including a step by step on how to make your own weights.

Here’s your audio:

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Craft show tips

The pegboard I mentioned is in the photo at the top and the shutters with my earrings are just above here.

Note:  This particular set up would not work in the wind because the shutters move a bit and would knock over my other displays.

This is where the flexibility I mentioned comes in:

  • I could move everything on the table.
  • I could take down the shutters.
  • I could remove the displays on the table and just put all the jewelry flat on the table (and sometimes this might be your only option).
  • I could move the table so that the shutters don’t interfere with the displays.
  • I could hang the shutters elsewhere.

When you’re planning for an outdoor show, just think about what will hold up in the rain and wind.  Look for heavy display pieces made of heavy wood or metal.

Good luck!  I hope you never have to deal with the wind.

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