Craft Show Tip: Let your Customers Feel Creative

Craft Show Tip:  Let your Customers Feel Creative

For today’s craft show tip I’m going to share with you something that was one of the best moves I made and gave me a lot of success!

I sold a lot of scrabble tile and glass tile pendants at craft shows.  When I first started selling them I sold them as complete necklaces.  I chose the cord type, length and color and put the pendant on and sold them together.  I made all the choices.

Customers asked me all the time to change out cords.  Sometimes they wanted to switch colors or cord material or length.

So then I realized it would be a lot more fun to sell the pendants separately from the cords.  Let the customers decide themselves.

Customers loved this.  My pendants were super popular after making this change.

I chose about five popular colors/materials for the cords and made them in several different lengths.  Then I packaged up the pendants in cute little bags separately.  Customers could choose the pendant and then the cord.  The pendants were interchangeable, so they could choose more than one pendant to go with their cord (and they often did!)

How could this translate into your craft booth?

Is there some way you could give your customers more of a chance to make choices or try putting together something themselves?

Some tips and hints for a successful creative experience for your customers:

1.  Do everything ahead of time that you can.

In my case, I obviously made the pendants and made the cords.  I guess I could have made the cords relatively quickly while they waited, but at a busy craft show that would not be possible.

Plus, it’s easier if it’s something tangible they can see right there, pick up and decide.

2.  Make it really easy for your customer.

Make sure that the prices are clear and how it works is clear.  Make a sign with steps and pricing instructions.  Not everybody will ask and not everyone will just understand right away.

3.  Make a fun, creative environment.

For me that meant having a display where it was easy to choose and having some fun other displays to hold pendants.

4.  Have some finished examples.

If they’re putting something together – even if it seems obvious to you – have finished examples for them to be inspired by.

If it’s jewelry related, you can put finished examples on mannequins and, of course, wear one yourself as well.

(Also price those examples because someone will not want to go through the steps and just love the finished one you have ready.)

5.  Be ready to help them.

Some of your customers will have questions and need assistance.  You are the artist and the expert and they may want or need your advice.

6.  Keep it neat and organized.

This can be somewhat of a struggle at busy craft shows especially when kids come through (and they will) and touch everything and move it.  Keep an eye on it.

7.  Be encouraging.

Let them know you like their choices.

How can you do this in your own booth?

Take some time to think about your product?  How can you make it more of a DIY experience for your customers?

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