Intro to Wire Wrapping Workshop Conclusion


Congratulations! You’ve made your first wrie wrapped jewelry project.

Yes, it’s pretty simple, but from this simple beginning you can create so many different earring projects.

Experiment with different wire colors and different beads.

Add 2 or 3 bead dangles to each earring wire and see what pretty earrings you can come up with.

Are you read to make even more jewelry that is customized to your own personal style and taste?

I have a great eCourse, Wire Wrapping for Beginners, which takes you step-by-step through all the fundamental wire jewelry basics, which are the building blocks for unlimited jewelry pieces.

Then I give you “recipes” for tons of jewelry peices. You can switch out the ingredients to these recipes so the jewelry you create is 100% your own personal style and creative expression!

It’s a great next step for learning how to make wire wrapped jewelry. And, of course, I’m here anytime you have any questions!

Check out the details and get started right away here: Wire Wrapping for Beginners.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing my love of simple wire wrapped jewelry with you. I truly hope it’s helped and you’re inspired to keep creating, whether it’s with my eCourse, Wire Wrapping for Beginners, or on your own!

Keep in touch!


Wire Wrapping for Beginners