Composition Book to Journal

Composition book to pretty journal


I made this pretty journal from a plain old composition book.


I love composition books.  I love writing in them and making lists in them.  Plus, you can stock up on them at back to school time for around $0.50 a piece.  However, the cover is so boring and I wanted to make it more inspiring.

To Make:

1.  Grab some paper:  scrapbook paper, old book pages, cut outs from magazines, sheet music, etc.  I used scrapbook paper for mine.

2.  Use Mod Podge and cover the composition book cover.  Add your paper.

3.  Add another layer of Mod Podge and add some more layers if you like.

4.  Then add another layer on top of everything.

After it dried, I did the back.  I kept it simple with just one layer.


5.  Then I covered the spine with tape and went around the front cover with the tape.  Washi tape would be perfect for this.  I found this tape in the scrapbooking section of Target.


I love how it turned out.  I feel more inspired to write my ideas, journal and plan!

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