Circle Jewelry Inspired by an Art Journal Page

Art Journal Inspiration: Circles

Yesterday I shared my latest art journal page with lots of circles.

Art Journal Inspiration: Circles

After I completed the page, I was inspired to make some circle jewelry.

Wire Circle Jewelry

I don’t often making matching sets of jewelry, but I was having such a fun time with the technique that I kept going!

I made earrings:

Wire Circle Jewelry

A necklace:

Wire Circle Jewelry

And a ring:

Wire Circle Jewelry

(Then I was so inspired that I also created an eWorkshop to show you how to make them all!  That workshop is here:  Circle Jewelry eWorkshop)

The art journal page was simple:  just shapes and colors.  The jewelry inspired from it is also simple:  lots of circles like the art journal page.  Sometimes inspiration is something so simple like shapes you want to try to recreate.  Sometimes art journal pages can be simple, too.  In this case I just wanted to play with watercolors and pattern papers.

Whatever your inspiration is, it’s perfect.  It doesn’t always have to be deep and meaningful.  Sometimes you can just play.

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