Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Christmas Tassel TutorialIs your Christmas crafting done?  (If not, don’t worry!  You still have a few days!

If you’re ready to start wrapping, I have a great tutorial to jazz up your packages.  This is a great ornament, too!

Christmas Tassel Tutorial:

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Materials and Tools:

  • A variety of ribbon.  You could also use lace or yarn.
  • Scissors

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step #1

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Decide how long you would like your tassel and then double it and cut your ribbons (or lace or yarn.)

I used about 15 ribbons total.  The one ribbon I had was way too wide, so I cut it into strips.  I think a variety is nice, but you could do all one color or ribbon if that is your taste.

Step #2

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Cut a shorter piece of ribbon and a longer piece of ribbon.  The longer piece will be the hanger, the shorter piece will hold all the ribbons together.

Step #3

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

I arranged my ribbons in the way I wanted by folding them over my finger so I could see how the tassel would look.

Step #4

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Take the longer extra ribbon you cut and tie a knot in it.  Then center it in the middle of all the ribbons.

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Here you can see the ribbons are folded in half around the longer ribbon.

Step #5

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Use the shorter ribbon to tie around all of the ribbons.  I just tied it in a knot and trimmed it close.

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Step #6

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Trim the ribbons so they are mostly the same length.

Step #7

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

Now you have a completed tassel.

You can use it as an ornament for your tree, to decorate your house or as a cute adornment for a gift.

Christmas Tassel Tutorial

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