Charm Week Day 5: A Variety of Charms

Charm Week + Charm Bracelet eCourseToday is the final day of Charm Week and I have a variety of charm tutorials for you!

You can use these charms in your own personal charm bracelets.  And you can learn to make your very own charm bracelet from the chain up in my Charm Bracelet eCourse.

spiral wire charmSpiral Wire Charm

Tassel Charm

Tassel Charm Tutorial

ECT TV Episode 30:  Tassels (learn 2 kinds of tassels)

Tassel Charm


Jazzed Up Tassel Charm (Charm Week 4)


How to Make a Button Charm Bracelet

Button Charm Bracelet (ECT TV Episode 18)

Unconventional Charms

Using Vintage Materials to Make Charms (Charm Week Day 3)

Button and Key CharmECT TV Episode 19:  Making Charms with Unconventional Materials, Including this cool Button and Key Charm

How to make a button charm

ECT TV Episode 20:  Making a Button Charm


Infinity Headpin and Bead Dangle Charm

Infinity Headpin & Bead Dangle Charm (Day 1 of Charm Week)

ECT TV Episode 34How to Make Your Own Decorative Headpins & Bead Dangle Charm (ECT TV Episode 34/Day 2 of Charm Week)

My Charm Bracelet

10 Things You Can Learn About Me from My Charm Bracelet  (For fun you can see my own very personal charm bracelet!)

You can use these charms on your charm bracelet.  Learn how to make your own with my Charm Bracelet eCourse.  You’ll learn with videos and PDF eBooks how to make a charm bracelet from making chain, headpins and a clasp to making charms and putting it all together.

It’s full of instructions plus ideas for you to express your own creativity.

Plus, now you can buy it all at once or make payments.  Learn more here.

Charm Bracelet eCourse


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