Charm Week Day 3: Using Vintage Items to Make Charms

Unconventional Charms

Charm Week Day 3:  Using Vintage Items to Make Charms

In ECT TV Episode 19 I discussed using unconventional charms in jewelry making.  You’ll also find a cool charm tutorial there using buttons and a key.

Charms made with Unconventional Materials

I wanted to show you a few charms I have made with vintage and/or unconventional materials and explain exactly how I made them here to inspire you.

Charms made with Unconventional Materials

Ruler and Crystal Charm

I love the juxtaposition of the pretty, clean, clear crystal with the beat up ruler.

To make this charm:

  • Cut a ruler into pieces.  You can use a plastic or wooden ruler.
  • Drill 2 holes in the ruler.
  • Wire wrap a crystal.
  • Attach the crystal to the ruler using a jump ring and then use a jump ring on the top to attach the charm to your bracelet.

Charms made with Unconventional Materials

Crystal and Skeleton Key Charm

Again, apparently I have a thing for crystals and old things.

To make this charm:

  • The crystal is from a chandelier.  I made 2 wire wrapped loops – one on each side.
  • Add a tiny skeleton key using a couple jump rings.

The second wire wrapped loop on the crystal is how you attach this charm to the bracelet.

Charms made with Unconventional Materials

Sewing Notions Charm

I purchased a jar full of sewing notions at a yard sale with all this in it.  I simply used jump rings to put everything together.

Charms made with Unconventional Materials

Charms made with Unconventional Materials

Button Charms

You can use just a single button and attach it to your charm bracelet or do a small strand of buttons like I’ve done here and attach it.

This is a wonderful way to use all those buttons you’ve been collecting and saving from mom.

Charms made with Unconventional Materials

Button and Skeleton Key Charm

This incorporates buttons like in the last charm, but then I added a tiny skeleton key to the end.

I find most of my skeleton keys, including these little cabinet keys, at flea markets.  You can usually negotiate a better price if you buy several at one time.  😉

Charms made with Unconventional Materials

Crystal and Number Charm

To make this charm:

  • Wire wrap the little number.  You sometimes have to get creative depending on the number.  Some of the numbers (like 0 or 8) you can simply use a jump ring.
  • Make a wire wrapped loop on each side of an upcycled chandelier crystal.
  • Connect using jump rings.

I found these little numbers on Etsy.  You can find cute little metal things like these at flea markets or antique shops.

I hope these have opened your eyes to the possibilities of charms and what you can use to make charms!

Unconventional Charm Bracelet

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