Button Wreath Ornament

Button Wreath TutorialNeed some more ornaments or some super cute gift toppers?  These are so quick and easy to make!

Button Wreath TutorialMaterials and Tools:

  • Buttons!
  • 24 gauge wire.  (You can use whatever you like.  I just used some silver plated wire I had, but you could even use the wire from the gardening section of the craft store and it should work just fine.
  • Cord or ribbon, etc. to hang the ornament.
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers.
  • Chain nose pliers.

Step #1

Cut a piece of wire to your desired length.  If you want a bigger ornament, cut more, smaller less.  Add a few extra inches on each side to create the loop.  I cut mine about 10 inches long.

Step #2

Button Wreath TutorialMake a bend in the wire a few inches from one end.

Step #3

Button Wreath TutorialSlide a button putting one end of the wire in each hole.  Then bend the wire straight like shown.

Step #4

Button Wreath TutorialSlide another button on by putting the wire through one hole.

This is where it gets a little bit tricky.  Hold the button and then pull the wire through the other hole.  I tried using a larger gauge wire and it was kind of a nightmare (but possible).

Note:  Be careful pulling the wire through to make sure you don’t get any kinks in it while you’re pulling it through.  Also, hold onto the button so it doesn’t twist either.

Step #5

Button Wreath TutorialKeep adding buttons until you have as many as you would like.

Step #6

Button Wreath TutorialForm a circle.

Step #7

Button Wreath TutorialButton Wreath TutorialHold the wreath where the wires cross and twist twice.

Step #8

Button Wreath TutorialButton and Wire Wreath TutorialHold one of the wires with round nose pliers.  Wrap the wire around one barrel of the pliers.

Step #9

Button and Wire Wreath TutorialHold the loop with chain nose pliers.  Wrap the wire around forming a wrapped loop.  Then wrap the other wire around as well.  Cut off any excess wire.

Step #10

Button and Wire Wreath TutorialString some string, ribbon, twine, etc. through the hoop to hang the ornament.

Button and Wire Wreath Tutorial

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