Button Tree Tutorial

Button Tree Tutorial

This tutorial was inspired by my Button Bouquet Tutorial.  Instead of flowers, we’re making a tree.

Button Tree Materials and Tools

Tools and Materials:

  • Buttons of your choice.  I used 6 for my button tree, but you may want to use more or less.  Also you can use shank buttons or 2 or 4 hole buttons.  I’ll show you how to use either type.
  • Craft wire.  I used floral wire, but you can also use any craft wire.  Floral wire is typically green, which is why I used it.
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose or flat nose pliers

Step #1

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Slide a button onto the floral wire.

Step #2

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Bend over the wire.  This is different than the button bouquet.  If you look at the finished project at the top, you’ll see that the buttons will be flat against the wire – there’s a definite front and back to this project.

Step #3

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Twist the wire.

Hint:  I like to hold the wire with the pliers and use my other hand to twist with the button.

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Step #4:  Two-Hole and Four-Hole Buttons

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Button Tree Tutorial StepThis is exactly like steps #2 and #3, but with a two-hole button instead of a shank button.  Just put the wire through the two holes.

Twist in the back.

Then bend the wire so the button is flat against the wire.

Button Tree Tutorial Step

For a four-hole button, do exactly the same thing, just use two diagonal holes.

Step #5Button Tree Tutorial Step

Make sure all of the buttons are flat against the wire, as seen in the photo. (They kind of look like lollipops.)

Step #6

Button Tree Tutorial StepMake an arrangement of how you want your tree to look.

Step #7

Button Tree Tutorial Step

I cut about 5″ of the wire off now.  I realized later they were still too long and cut off another few inches.  You can decide as you go how long to make your tree.  How tall you can make it also depends upon the stability of your base.

Step #8Button Tree Tutorial Step

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Twist the stems together in groups of two.

Then twist them all together at the bottom

Step #9

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Pull the buttons apart in whatever way you like.

Step #10

Button Tree Tutorial Step

(Note:  This is where I cut off an extra few inches)

Since I’m using an old thread spool, I bent up the ends of the tree so that it’s more stable in the spool.

Step #11

Button Tree Tutorial Step

Push the end into the spool, or whatever you are using as a base.

Step #12

Button Tree TutorialYour button tree is complete, perfect for decoration or a gift!!

Button Tree Tutorial


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