Beaded Spiral Pendant eWorkshop

Beaded Spiral Pendant eWorkshop

I have a brand new eWorkshop for you!

I am so excited about this eWorkshop because I’ve been obsessed with making these spiral pendants!  I have them in several color combinations and different sizes.

I made the first one, posted it to Instagram (so I know I didn’t imagine making it!) and promptly lost it.  And it’s still lost.  It’s okay, though, because I’ve had so much fun making more and more of them.

Beaded Spiral Pendant eWorkshop

I love spirals and they keep showing up in different forms in my life, too.  To me, life is a spiral.  You start out and you just keep coming around around to the same things.  It’s great because you can use what you learned the first time around to help you the next time around.  It’s not a circle, so there’s space between the first time you experienced it and the next time.  It’s a learning journey.

Beaded Spiral Pendant eWorkshop

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what an eWorkshop is….

It’s a virtual workshop that’s held online.  It’s kind of like going to an in person workshop except you can do it in your PJs!  Plus, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can take it any time and it’s much less expensive.

Beaded Spiral eWorkshop

For my eWorkshops, they include a private video tutorial plus a PDF eBook (with step-by-step photos.)  (Some of my eWorkshops contain several videos and PDFs.  This particular one is for just one project.)

I’ll teach you how to use any beads and customize this pendant to work with them!

You can learn all about the Beaded Spiral Pendant eWorkshop here.  Right now (if you’re reading this shortly after I post it) it’s priced at a low introductory rate that’s half off what it’s going to be!

Beaded Spiral Pendant eWorkshop

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