Art Journal Page: Mercy

Mercy Art Journal Page

Today I wanted to show you my latest art journal page.

It may not be exactly what you would expect from an art journal page.  The theme of it is, after all, graves.

My husband and I went to Salem, Mass last fall.  Along the way we stopped at the Mercy L. Brown grave in Rhode Island.

Mercy Art Journal Page

We love weird and unusual stories and places and the story surrounding Mercy L. Brown is certainly unusual.  If you’re interested in hearing a weird story about vampires and the 1890s, you can read her story here.

I was moved by the story and visiting the grave and so I recently did the art journal page above.

Mercy Art Journal Page

I started with the grave rubbing we did while we were there.  I actually made a photocopy of the original to use in the art journal page.

Then I added in everything around it with a sharpie and watercolors.  I decided to add the actual photo I took of the grave to the page as well and frankly, I wasn’t super feeling the flowers and leaves I had done in the lower right hand corner, so I stuck the photo on top to kind of tone them down a little.

Lately I have been into making lists on art journal pages — I believe you would call it a list poem or at least that’s what I call them when I’m thinking about them. (I added that later because I thought of it later when I was walking.  Sometimes you get great ideas when you’re walking or showering.)

Mercy Art Journal Page

Art Journal Tip:

What do you like doing?

Make a list, choose something and make an art journal page.  In the past I thought journals and art journals were just for me to get out all my emotions.  And they are great for that, too.  But you can really use them to explore your creative expression.

I am really into cemeteries and graves.  I think they’re beautiful.  Gravestones are fascinating with all the symbolism you find on them.  I love history.  I think that death really is as beautiful and important as birth.  Cemeteries and specifically graves are something I like to explore.  So why wouldn’t I make an art journal page about them, especially a page about a specific fascinating story.

I would love to hear about what you’re going to make (and you can even upload a photo of your art journal page when you’re done) below.


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