Art Journal Page – Let Go

Art Journal Page - Let Go

This is a recent art page I created.  It’s a combination of experimentation and inspiration.

My mom and I recently did a scrapbook store shop hop, which basically means over about 4 days we visited 13 scrapbook stores.  (There were 14 total in the shop hop, but we didn’t go to one that was furthest away.)  We learn some new techniques because the shops were doing make and takes (and some did take and makes.)  I also got a lot of new products to play with.

So when I was on a walk and gathered some leaves I thought it would be fun to play with my new mists.  I had a couple of leaves and just placed them on the page and sprayed around them.  I moved the leaves a few times to get the different directions.

Also recently I have been into using watercolor.  I have a watercolor brush that holds water in it and I got one of those watercolor boxes like we used to use in school.  It’s so easy to use these because cleanup is so simple.  That holds me back from painting a lot.  I have a collection of watercolors in the tubes, which of course are great, but it’s a pain to clean up when I’m done.

Backing up, though, before I painted I outlined everything with a fine sharpie and put the veins in the leaves.

Around that time I stumbled upon the Ray Bradbury quote that is on the page and it seemed perfect for this page, so I added it.

Then I painted with watercolors.  I also used oil pastels to highlight some of the words.

Finally, just because I had it and wanted to play with it, I added a shimmer mist lightly to the top.

Art Journal Page - Let Go

If you want to see more of my art journal, click here for more pages and inspiration.  This particular page is larger and not in my binder art journal that I shared previously, but in a different journal.  (Yes, I have a lot of art journals and other journals!)

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