Are You Ready for Craft Show Season?

Craft Show Tip:  Are you ready for craft show season?

As we start to move into warmer months craft shows start popping up more and more.

Are you ready?

The very best way to be successful at a craft show is to be prepared!  I have a bunch of blogposts that can help you get ready.

Craft Show Tip: 5 Reasons to LOVE Doing Craft Shows

Need reasons why you would even want to do a craft show?  Check out these 5 Reasons to Love Doing Craft Shows.

Planning for Craft Shows

When I wrote the blogpost about 7 reasons you should be planning for craft shows now, it was January, but the information still applies in March.


Craft Show Tip - Display Design

A well thought out and carefully designed craft show booth could be the difference between people stopping by and shopping at your booth or walking on by.  People have to be enticed to come on in before they even really get the chance to look at your fabulous products.

My Display Design post will help you plan and there’s even a PDF worksheet to help you.  Click here to check it out.

Craft Show Tip - Display Design Part 2

Now you have ideas, where do you get displays?  Display Design Part 2 blogpost has a list of resources item by item that won’t break the bank!

Craft Show Tip - How Much Inventory to Take

One of the most asked questions I get about craft shows is how much inventory to take to a show.

While this is a difficult question to answer because every craft show is different and so many different things will affect how much you’ll sell at a craft show.  But you have to start somewhere.

I have a little formula that I like to use when I think about how much inventory to take.  It’s a start.  Find that craft show inventory formula here.

Craft Show Tip - Dos and Don'ts of Dealing with Customers at a craft show

Are you shy or nervous about talking to customers at a show?  Are you letting that get in your way of doing craft shows?  My Dos and Don’ts of Dealing with Customers at Craft Shows post will help you.

Craft Show Tips: Newsletters

Having a newsletter or email updates is important for any business whether you’re doing craft shows or not.  You need a way to keep in touch with your customers so they remember you and all the cool stuff you make.

Check out my tips for using newsletters for and at craft shows here.

Craft Show Tip: Promoting Your Online Shop

Craft shows are great for so many reasons.  The first thing they are good for, of course, selling your products.  They’re great for meeting your customers and other things.

But what if no one is buying?  Even if they are buying, you want them to find you again, right?

This tip is for you if you have an online shop.

Craft Show Tip: Paperwork Organization

How I deal with the paperwork that goes with a craft show so I can easily find it when I need to.  Click here to read this tip.

Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show

Being an attendee at craft shows has taught me a lot.  Here are 7 things I learned from being a craft show attendee.

Craft Show Tips

Craft Show Packing list.  This is an audio, but you can get the packing list in PDF form when you sign up for my craft show tips newsletter.

Craft Show Tips eBook

I hope that these posts give you a great start to feeling prepared for craft show season!  I have a great eBook all about getting ready for shows that’s packed with information, lists and worksheets!  I take you step-by-step through the process of getting ready for craft shows and what to do when you’re there.

Learn from my experience, my failures and my successes.

Find out more about Craft Show Tips eBook and get a copy of my Craft Show eBooks here.

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