Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring Tutorial

Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring TutorialThis fun ring uses spirals to create interest.  This ring is a great gift because it’s adjustable – you don’t have to guess or ask the recipient’s ring size!

This ring also makes a super cute midi ring.

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Adjustable Spiral Ring TutorialMaterials and Tools:

  • 18 gauge wire (approximately 5″)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Ring mandrel
  • Wire cutters

Step #1

Adjustable Spiral Ring TutorialCut a piece of 18 gauge wire to 5 inches.

Step #2

Adjustable Spiral Ring TutorialAdjustable Spiral Ring TutorialWrap the wire around the mandrel to make a circle.  If you’re making it for yourself, make it slightly smaller than the ring size of finger that you’ll wear it on.  For others, chose an average size like size 7.

Step #3

Adjustable Spiral Ring TutorialNow we’re going to make spirals on each side of the ring.  Hold one of the loose ends in the middle of the barrels of round nose pliers.  The end should be at the top, but not poking through.

Step #4 Adjustable Spiral Ring

Twist your wrist away from you, wrapping the wire around the barrel.  Twist as far as your wrist will go and then readjust and complete the loop.  It should look like a P.

Step #5

Adjustable Spiral RingHold the loop you just made in your chain nose pliers.

Step #6

Adjustable Spiral RingPush the wire up.  Readjust your pliers and continue making a spiral until you get to where the wires cross.

Adjustable Spiral RingStep #7

Adjustable Spiral RingRepeat for the other end, making the spiral in the opposite direction.

Step #8

Adjustable Spiral RingPlace the ring back on the ring mandrel and make sure it’s in the shape you want.

Step #9

Adjustable Spiral RingHammer with a nylon or rawhide hammer so that the ring takes shape and hardens.

Step #10

Adjustable Spiral RingEnjoy your new ring!

Wear it as a regular ring:

Adjustable Spiral Ring TutorialOr as a cute midi:

Adjustable Spiral Ring TutorialLike this tutorial?  You’re going to love the Spiral Wire Ring Tutorial!

Spiral Wire Ring Tutorial

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