9 Ways to Use the Dangle Earring Tutorial

9 Ways to Use Emerging Creatively Tutorial's Dangle Earring Tutorial

I love the Simple Dangle Earring Tutorial because it’s really so versatile.  You learn a simple technique and then you can use your own creativity to really personalize it.

Click here for the Sample Dangle Earring Tutorial (includes a video tutorial!)

And here is some inspiration on different ideas:

Simple Dangle Earrings

1.  These are the original earrings.  One bead made into a dangle and added to earring wires.

Dangle Earrings

2.  These earrings have 3 dangles instead of just one attached to earring wires.  (Aren’t those sparkly colors so pretty!)

Simple Earrings

3.  These are not bead dangles, obviously.  But they are simple and the charm is simply attached to earring wires.  I purchased the feather charms and made the earring wires.

How to Make Spiral and Gemstone Chip Earrings

4.  These Gemstone Chip and Spiral Earrings are made with spiral headpins that I made.  I stacked up a bunch of the gemstone chips on the headpin and made a dangle.  (Beads from Happy Mango Beads)

How to Make Dangle Earrings

5.  In this version, I used recycled vinyl discs stacked with a little seed bead on each end.  (Disc beads from Happy Mango Beads)

Paper Bead Earrings

6.  These earrings are made from paper beads and a seed bead on each end.  The beads are upcycled from a necklace I got at a flea market.

Rose Quartz Earring

7.  These gorgeous rose quartz beads are dangling from knotted headpins I made.  (Beads from Happy Mango Beads)

Tree Bark Earrings

8.  Bark earrings.  They’re the same idea, except there’s bark in between the beads!

Dangle Earrings

9.  These earrings are made with 3 bead dangles on earring wires.  Another flea market find for the beads!  I took apart the necklace to use the beads.

I hope this inspires you to take a simple tutorial and really get creative with it! 

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