8 Tips for Surviving the Lititz, PA Rotary Club Craft Show

Lititz Craft Show Tips

The Annual Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show is August 12, 2017 8 am – 4 pm.

It’s called the “Big One” for a reason.  This show is huge!!

I am lucky enough to live in Lititz,PA so I did the show in chunks last year, with breaks back home in between to rest, but if you aren’t that lucky, a little planning may help you out this year.

(I also have sold at this craft show in the past!)

The show covers 2 blocks of Broad Street, the Lititz Springs Park, and a few blocks of East Main Street.  It’s a lot of ground to cover, so you better be ready!

Tip #1

Download and print the show map so you can plan your attack and keep track of where you are, where you are going and where you have been.

Tip #2

Be prepared.  Pack water, wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes in layers.  Even bring a bag you can roll behind you with all your purchases to make it easier.

While shopping at big shows my family would take turns running stuff back to the car throughout the day so we didn’t have to carry everything with us.

Tip #3

Attendees arrive early to this show.  The show runs 8 am to 4 pm, so plan to arrive right at 8 am to shop.

Tip #4

There are 2 different areas to park:  1 is walking distance, the other one will shuttle you in.  Find them on the map and decide where to park.

Lititz Craft Show

Tip #5

There are 3 main areas of the craft show (and they are all connected, you won’t miss any of them!):

  • Broad Street
  • Main Street
  • Lititz Springs Park

I would start by going up East Main Street (the vendors are on 1 side there), hang a left onto Broad Street and go up one side and back down the other side.  Then continue down Broad Street on one side and back down the other to where the park is.  Then stroll through the park’s vendors.

Lititz Springs Park is a great place to get off your feet if you need to rest a bit.  There are park benches and plenty of ducks to watch!  The spring runs through the park.

Tip #6

Finding food.  There are food vendors all throughout the show.

As a Lititz resident, I highly recommend Rosie’s Lunch trailer.  Get a double cheeseburger with everything, and thank me later.  Rosie’s is always on Broad Street, across from Lititz Mutual Insurance.  (And Rosie’s is there every Saturday, in fact.)

If you want a sit down experience, try Tomato Pie on Broad Street or head up Broad a little further to the Sandwich Factory.  On E. Main Street you have 2 options for pizza or subs; I prefer Ninos.  There’s also the Bull’s Head, which can get really busy, but it’s very good.

On Water Street there is the Appalachian Brewing Company, which is just down from the end of the show.  I would expect there will be lines and long waits for any restaurants.

Tip #7

Now that you’re re-energized with a meal, head back to the vendors that you wanted to take a second look at and make sure you didn’t miss anything!  Or hit the areas you didn’t see yet.

Tip #8

Check out some of the favorite local spots while you’re here:

Wilbur Chocolate.  If you’re coming from out of town, do not miss Wilbur!  It is the best chocolate and it’s made right in Lititz.  The chocolate store is on North Broad Street.

Sturgis Pretzels.  You can take a tour and shop for pretzels!  My favorite are the soft pretzels.  Sturgis is located at 219 E. Main Street, right near the beginning of your craft show experience.  (Or head there last, after you’re done shopping!)

Favorite stores to check out in addition to the craft show:

  • Aaron’s Books
  • The Curiosity Shop
  • Zest
  • Candy*ology (for your sugar fix)
  • Or any of the shops on Main Street or Broad Street!

Don’t forget:

Make sure to stop by my booth in the 200 block of East Main Street (Booth D42), near West Church Square.  I have new designs that will be revealed at the show!  Plus, my eBook now in printed booklet form “Jewelry Trends and Being Eco-Friendly.”  Just sign up for my newsletter at the show and you can get your copy for free!

Update:  As you have probably figured out if you have been following the blog, I’m focusing on teaching jewelry making instead of making jewelry.  So I won’t be selling this year, but I will be there to see what everyone has to offer!!

If you are planning at selling at craft shows and you want some tips for being prepared, check out my eBook, Craft Show Tips.


  1. I just started selling my handmade soap last year. I was told to check out the Lititz Rotary Craft Fair. They do not list the booth fee on their website. There is not much of a markup on soap so I don’t know if it’s worth it if the fee is excessive. What are your thoughts from a vendor’s point of view.

    • Kimberlie says:

      I did better there than any other show! It was $100 last year — I think it’s going up $5 or $10 this year. Definitely worth it. Usually you have to wait a year to get in to the show as a vendor, but definitely apply. You don’t have to pay until they tell you if you are in for that year, I think.

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