5 Ways to Stay Inspired in the Winter

Snow Tree

“We are nearer to Spring/ Than we were in September / I heard a bird sing / In the dark of December”.  ~Oliver Herford

In the Spring and the Summer it is so easy for me to go outside and be instantly inspired by what I see.  Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, the trees have beautiful green leaves and all is right for me.

In the Winter, I feel so much less inspired by nature.  I don’t like to even go out for too long because it’s so cold.  The trees are bare, there are no flowers and everything is an ugly brown instead of a bright green.

Snow in Lititz ParkUntil it snows.  I always had a dislike for snow because it makes it so difficult to get around, but snow is really beautiful.  It makes everything fresh and new.  It’s still not spring, but at least it’s better than that ugly gray/brown color.

5 Ways to Stay Inspired in the Winter:

1.  In the winter I find that the sky is the most gorgeous shade of blue.
Cemetery - Gettysburg, PA

Look for the silver lining even in the darkest clouds.  Some of my favorite photos that I have taken have been in the winter.  (This is from Gettysburg, PA.  Click on that photo and be taken to more photos from Gettysburg, PA.)

2.  Keep a journal throughout the year with ideas.  Whenever you are inspired, right something down or do a quick sketch, etc.  This way when you feel uninspired you have something to refer back to.

You still may not feel particularly “inspired” but at least you can get working.

Which brings us to  . . .

3.  Just do things.  Even if you don’t feel particularly inspired or creative, just make something, paint something, write something anyway.  The inspiration will eventually come back.

4.  If nature in the Spring or Summer inspires you, then look at photos of nature in Spring/Summer in winter.

Sure, it’s better to be out in the warmth of the sun, but photos are the next best thing, especially photos of places you’ve visited and experienced.  The photos can bring the feelings you had back to you again.

5.  Try to find a new inspiration.  Bare branches can be beautiful.  They are each unique – look how each of the branches bend.  Gorgeous birds are still around in winter in stark contrast to the gray, brown, dark environment.  Bundle up,  go outside and check out your surroundings.

“We are nearer to Spring/ Than we were in September / I heard a bird sing / In the dark of December”.  ~Oliver Herford

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