5 Ways to be Safer When Making Jewelry with Wire

5 ways to be safer when making jewelry with wireWire can be dangerous to work with.  You may think, well, I’m just making jewelry how dangerous can it be?  Well, wire and springy and goes where it wants to.  It goes back to it’s shape.  When you cut it, it can fly.

Here’s 5 Ways to be Safer When Making Jewelry with Wire:

1.  Use eye protection.  This may be your regular glasses or special goggles.  You may also want to use glasses that magnify so you can see your work better.  Our eyes are so important.  Protecting them takes so little, but is so important.

2.  Use anti-fatigue gloves.  Especially if you make a lot of jewelry, you will want to protect your wrists from injury.  I use gloves that are actually created for knitters, but I use them when I’m making jewelry or typing.  You’ll find them in the crochet/knitting section of craft stores.

3.  Cover the wire with your hand while you are cutting it to prevent it from flying.  You’ll see me do this often in ECT TV episodes.  I just try to minimize how far it goes.

And additionally, if the wire does fly watch where it goes and pick it up right away.

4.  Sweep the area where you work frequently for any wire that did get away from you.  It could end up in someone’s barefoot later (I know too well.)

5.  Use caution when pulling wire because it can easily break when you pull on it with force.  For example, when I make rings I pull very hard.  The wire could break and then you could even end up with a tool in your eye.  So be very aware and careful.

Ready to start making wire jewelry?  Start here.  You’ll learn all the basic building blocks of wire jewelry.

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