5 Days of Enchantment with Jani Frank, Day 5

credoI’m blogging along with Jani Franck for the 5 Days of Enchantment mini eCourse.

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So we talked about Earth, Air, Fire and Water and today is Creativity!


For the Day 5 video playshop, click here.

I love getting little tips on things you can do in just a little bit of time to make you feel more creative.  (Which is a reason I am loving this mini eCourse!)

Today Jani suggested will use our non-dominant hand to draw all over a piece of paper.  To be honestly, I don’t like using my left hand for things.  In music, I always was significant worse using my left hand on piano and I always thought we should be playing the guitar the other way.  My right hand is so much stronger than my left.

So doing this exercise was really mind opening for me.  After a little bit, my left hand actually even became comfortable drawing.

Next exercise was to write our credo.

Now, I do live by a certain credo, though I have never written them down.  You can read my credo above and I’ll write it down here below as well.  I must say, however, that I know this will change and evolve.

In fact, I kind of forgot one of my most important credos….in fact, it is probably even above love in the list I have below.  And that is honesty.  100 percent honesty.  I try not to be brutally honest, but I am honest.  I’m honest about how I feel.  If I say something, anything, you can be assured that it is 100 percent honest to the best of my knowledge.  If you ask me my opinion, I will give it to you.

Here’s my credo:

~Love in everything and above everything else.

~I am me

and allow others to be themselves as well.

~I leave Mother Earth better than I found her.

~Every single person is creative.

Remember, you can keep going with this and sign up for the Everyday Enchantment eCourse!

{You can feel confident about my endorsement of Jani.  I have taken every single one of her courses, am a member of the Bubbling Well, The Forge, etc.  I also don’t get any money from endorsing it because I’m not an affiliate.  If you have questions about working with Jani, I’m happy to answer them.}

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