5 Days of Enchantment, Day 1

5-days-of-enchantmentI am doing a blogalong – and taking a free mini eCourse from Jani Franck.  If you’re not familiar with Jani yet, she’s an amazing teacher and someone you can always count on for helping with creativity.

This week each day I’ll be taking the 5 Days of Enchantment mini eCourse and blogging here about it.  To join in, get the playshops and see where this all originated, click here to head over to Jani’s blog.

IMG_1861Lucky for me, Day 1 is all about grounding nature!  I spend as much time in nature as I can and if I can have another excuse, all the better.

In the first part, we find a pebble to use to ground ourselves….all the better if it’s from a place we have a special connection with.

I, in fact, collect pebbles and stones.  I mostly wire wrap them and add them to my charm bracelet:

Rock Charm BraceletI think I have my rock charm bracelet for the same reason as Jani suggests we have a pebble.  I wear my rocks and can connect and ground with them at any time.  I hold the stones throughout the say and sometimes take the bracelet off so I can hold them.

I think the bracelet looks pretty cool, but it’s really not about that at all.  Every rock on my bracelet was a place in nature that I connected with and wanted to continue the connection with.  Anytime I want I can reconnection with that place in nature because of the rock.

I did find this rock today, which I loved the color of.  I also love it’s smoothness.

IMG_1982I live near beautiful creeks, rivers and the mighty Susquehanna River and this is a rock that has been made smooth from a creek.

And it is a little too big for jewelry, so I’ll be keeping it on my desk so I can hold it throughout the day to ground me when I need it.

barefootGo barefoot!

This is something I do all the time.  In fact, if I have to wear shoes I wear flip flops so I can be back to barefoot as quickly as possible.

I found a grassy/muddy spot and threw off my shoes.  It’s one of the best feelings you can get and one of the reasons I love spring and summer.

I not only was barefoot in the grass and mud, I also walked through a creek to go sit on a log.  (No photos of that, I didn’t want to slip in the creek with my camera!)

IMG_1979Finally, the journal exercise was to write down 20 words related to the ground or earth.  The above is what I did.

To join in yourself, click here for the Day 1 video.


And I’ve also just revamped my Nature Jewelry eWorkshop.  There’s now an 82 page eBook to go along with it!  So you can learn to make a bracelet like mine above plus 3 other projects and get a creativity booster and jewelry lessons as well.  Click here to learn more.

Nature Jewelry Workshop


  1. DogsMom says:

    Thank you so much for blogging along with Jani.
    I adore her workshops and it is so much better when I hear how others are responding and coming up with their own ides and interpretations.

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