5 Day Creativity Challenge

5 Day Creativity Challenge

This summer my routine has been way off.  I guess that’s part of summer – maybe even one of the best parts of summer.

But my creative practice has been way off.  I haven’t been creating every day like I want to.

So I’m challenging myself next week to be creative for at least 15 minutes every day for 5 days.  I’m hoping that I spend more than 15 minutes per day and that it continues on after the 5 days, but I’m committing to only 15 minutes per day for 5 days.

And I would love for you to join me.  I’ll check in on Facebook every day and then we can all have some accountability and share what we’re doing.

The details:

Commit to doing a creative activity for 15 minutes each day from August 11, 2014 to August 15, 2014.  I’ll be doing my creative activity first thing in the morning so I know I have time.

To join in:

  • Like my Facebook page (that’s where we’ll be checking in at!)
  • Commit to any creative activity for 15 minutes a day from Monday, August 11th through Friday August 15th.
  • Do your creative activity each day.
  • Come and check in on Facebook on that day’s check in post.  You can just comment that you’re done or tell us what you did or even better yet, share a photo of what you did!

That’s it!  At the end of the 5 days I hope to be in a routine where I take at least 15 minutes a day to be creative!

You can do absolutely any creative thing that you want.  You can write, doodle, paint, sew, embroider, scapbook, collage, knit, make jewelry or absolutely anything other creative thing you can think of.

I suggest making at least a loose sort of plan so you can make sure that you have everything you need so you have no excuses next week!

I’m planning on scrapbooking mostly.  (I’m kind of sad to say that I still haven’t finished my wedding scrapbook and I’ve been married 2 and half years!  I’m hoping this is the kick in the pants I need to complete it!)

I’m sure that I might add in jewelry making in there as well!  Like I said, it’s a loose plan, you don’t have to plan out every single day.  Just make sure you have whatever supplies you could want readily available.

I also think it would be a good idea to sort of gather up what you need in one space.  If you don’t have a dedicated worktable or studio, maybe just get everything together in a basket or a bin so it’s easily to access.  (I have all my photos ready, papers ready and I’m already starting to come up with some great ideas for my scrapbooking!)

So get ready and make sure to check in over on my Facebook page on Monday, August 11th!

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