3 Headband Tutorials

3 Headband Tutorials

I have been wearing headbands a lot lately – and getting a lot of compliments, too!  So I’m sharing my favorite 3 Headband Tutorials!

Brooch Pin HeadbandFabric Rose Brooch Headband Tutorial

Fabric Rose Brooch Headband Tools and MaterialsMaterials and Tools:

  • Fabric Rose Brooch*
  • Blank headband (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Wire (just about any gauge you have on hand will work.  I used 22 gauge)
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers

*Click here for the tutorial to make a Fabric Rose Brooch.  This will take you over to my old blog at B.B. Bellezza (and that post has a bunch of really outdated stuff at the end of it.  But the tutorial is still helpful if you need to know how to make a fabric rose.)

Step #1

Fabric Rose Brooch HeadbandSlide the wire under the pin.

(Note:  I had the idea to wrap wire around the blank headband first and then open the pin and slide it through the wire.  It didn’t work out.  I also tried wrapping the open pin and then closing it when it was done because that would be quicker.  It doesn’t work great because the top of the pin needs room to close.)

Step #2

Fabric Rose Brooch HeadbandLine up the pin where you want it on the headband.  I think it looks nice to the side, but try different spots before you wrap it down.

Step #3

Fabric Rose Brooch HeadbandStart wrapping the wire around the headband and pin back.

Fabric Rose Brooch HeadbandTry to keep the wraps straight and neat.  People won’t see it, so don’t worry too much about it.  It’s not easy to get around the pin and headband.

Use your pliers if needed to pull the wire through.

Step #4

Cut off the excess wire and use your pliers to tuck in the ends.

Fabric Rose Brooch Headband Tutorial

Fabric Rose Brooch Headband Tutorial

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialButton Bouquet Headband Tutorial

This tutorial also starts with another tutorial I published a while back:  the Button Bouquet Tutorial.

If you haven’t already tried the Button Bouquet Tutorial, click here for the instructions.

Button Bouquet tutorial

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialMaterials and Tools:

  • Button Flowers from the Button Bouquet Tutorial (or click here to make your button bouquet)  If you are making the button flowers just for this headband, you could use craft wire instead of floral wire.  In fact, it would make it a little easier.
  • Blank Headband
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers

Step #1

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialPick out your button flowers and loosely arrange them to place on your headband.

Step #2

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialLine up the first button flower and start wrapping the wire around.

Note:  I generally like my headbands to have the focal decoration off to one side.  You can decide where you want your flowers.

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialThe floral wire isn’t the easiest thing to wrap around, but just do your best.  Pull as hard as you can so that the flowers are tight against the headband and don’t slide around when you are wearing your headband.

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialI like to go around the headband and then wrap around in a circular motion around the wire coming from the buttons.

Step #3

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialContinue adding button flowers until you have your desired look.

For each button flower you add, wrap the new wire around the previous flower to keep them together.

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialButton Bouquet Headband TutorialStep #4

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialUsing your chain nose pliers, tuck in any ends that are sticking out and make sure it’s comfortable to wear.

Button Bouquet Headband TutorialHere’s another example:

Button Bouquet Headband Tutorial

Wire Wrapped Key Headband Tutorial

Wire Wrapped Key Headband

This one is with one of my favorite things:  keys!

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Key
  • Wire (I’m using silver plated copper wire, 22 gauge)
  • Blank Headband
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

Where to get your materials:

Vintage skeleton keys have really gotten popular and thus, have gone up in price.  I purchased this particular key on etsy.  I did a search for skeleton keys and just scrolled through the results until I found what I was looking for.  You can do the same thing on eBay.  You can find skeleton keys at yard sales, estate sales, antique stores and flea markets.

If you are just starting out, you can find wire at craft stores.  A.C. Moore and Michael’s have copper wire in different colors.  For this particular project, I probably wouldn’t bother to use silver wire.

I got the blank headband at Hobby Lobby.  I’m sure that they are available online, too.

Step #1

Cutting wire

Cut off about 24 inches of wire.

Step #2

Designing your key headband

Decide on the placement of your key.  I like my headbands with the main focus on the side.  You might want yours in the middle on top of your head.  The choice is yours!

Step #3

wire wrapped key headband

Wire Wrapping Key Headband

Starting at the end of where you decided to place your key on your headband, start to wrap the wire around the headband.  You can start wrapping without using pliers; however, before you get too far, you’ll want to pull the wire tightly with the pliers.

At this starting point, go back over the wire to sort of “catch” the end of the wire and make sure it is secure.  Then I like to give it a little tug to make sure it’s not going to move.  When you’re wearing it, you’re not going to want the key to come sliding down.  This step is really anchoring it.

Note:  Make sure the cut end is on the outside part of the headband when you wrap it and before catching it with the other wires.  The middle photo shows this.

Step #4

wire wrapping key onto headband

Line up the end of the key over the wrap you just did on the headband.  You’ll line up the tail of the wire (that’s not wrapped around yet) with where you want to put the first wrap around the key.

Since the key has the tooth part sticking out, it’s perfect to start wrapping on the side of that.

Step #5

wire wrapping key headband

wire wrapping key headband

{this is a shot from inside of the headband, you can see the first wraps I did in Step #3 are under the end of the key}

wire wrapping key headband

wire wrapping key headband

Start wrapping the wire around the key and headband, attaching the key to the headband with the wire.  Keep your wraps tight and even.  I did not use pliers for this part, I just used my hands.

Hold the key tightly to the headband with one hand while wrapping with the other.

Wrap the entire length of the key.

Step #6

wire wrapped key headband tutorial

When you get to the end of the key, cut the wire leaving enough of the wire to come around the front of the the key and having it end somewhere in the middle of the front.

Using your pliers, tuck the end into the wire wraps.  I like to come back a wrap and put it in between the last couple of wraps and use the tips of my pliers to push it in and secure it.

Note:  It’s important that the end is in the front because you don’t want the end tangling with your hair.

WIre Wrapped Key Headband

Enjoy your new headband!

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