3 Common Mistakes in Jewelry Making and How to Fix Them (Make your Jewelry More Professional)

3 Common Jewelry Making MistakesWhen I first started making jewelry, I definitely didn’t know what I was doing.  My wire wrapped loops were all over the place, I didn’t even know that that wire cutters made 2 different cuts and I couldn’t get the hang of jump rings.

The day I figured out jump rings was almost life changing for me.  If you don’t know, your mind’s about to be blown.  If you do know, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Here are 3 Common Mistakes in Jewelry Making and How to Fix Them:

How to make wire wrapped loops uniform

Mistake #1:  Your wire wrapped loops are not uniform.

The solution:  Mark your round nose pliers.

Wire Wrapped Loop TrickThis solution is so simple and easy.  Use a permanent market to mark where you usually make loops.  I have 2:  1 for wire wrapped loops and 1 for starting spirals.

Now, these do eventually wear off, so you do have to keep marking them.  I’ve also heard of people using tape.

Or you can get this 6-Step Multi Size Wire Looping Jewelry Pliers and save the step!

Mistake #2:  You are cutting your wire incorrectly – or you don’t know that you’re cutting it right!

Solution:  Learn how to use your wire cutters.

How to use wire cuttersWire cutters have 2 sides:  the front (above) and the back (below)

How to use wire cuttersWhen you cut from the front, you end up with a pinch cut.

IMG_2045The cut is sort of pinched.  What you (in almost every case) want is a flush cut, which you get when you use the back of the pliers toward the wire.

How to use wire cuttersThis is make a nice straight, flush cut.

How to open a jump ringMistake #3:  You open jump rings by pulling them apart and then you can never quite get them back together.

Solution:  Do not pull the jump ring apart, instead follow instructions below.

How to open a jump ringOpening a jump ring may be different than you think.  Line up 2 pairs of pliers so that the opening of the jump ring is in the middle.

(I usually use a pair of bent nose pliers and a pair of chain nose pliers.  Use whatever pliers you feel comfortable with.)

Maintaining the integrity of the circle, pull one pair the the pliers toward you and the other away from you.  Do not pull the circle apart and do not pull to the sides.

How to open a jump ringThis is what you end up with.

To close a jump ring, just do the same, but the opposite.

I also made a video tutorial about how to properly open and close jump rings:


Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, maybe you want to try out my projects book, Wire Wrapping for Beginners.  24 projects to teach you how to wire wrap!

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