20 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing Jewelry

20 Questions to Ask Yourself when You're Designing Jewelry

Designing for yourself is obviously easier than designing for others.  You know your tastes and likes and dislikes.  If you like a bead, you know it instantly.  You know where you want to wear your jewelry and how it needs to function.

Designing for others can be more difficult.  You have need to put yourself in her shoes.  What does she wear?  Where will she be wearing your jewelry?  Does she want big and bold or quiet and subdued?  What colors does she want or need?

These questions are helpful whether you’re designing jewelry for yourself, a gift or even to sell.  They’ll help you be more mindful when you’re creating jewelry pieces.

20 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing Jewelry:

1.  Are you making earrings, a bracelet or a necklace?

2.  Who are you designing it for?

  • Yourself?
  • On-the-go mom?
  • Business woman?
  • Teenager?
  • Bride?

3.  Does she have any metal allergies?

4.  Where will she be wearing the piece?

  • Work? (And what is the work setting – office, retail, etc.?)
  • School?
  • Running errands?
  • PTO?
  • Wedding?
  • Out to dinner?
  • A party?

5.  What are the needs of that person?  (i.e. the bracelet needs to stay out of the way when she’s typing, etc.)

6.  What will she be doing while she’s wearing the piece?  (How durable does it need to be?  Is there anything to take into consideration about her activities while wearing the piece?)

7.  What will be the focal point of the piece?

8.  What colors will you use?

9.  How long will it be?

10.  Will it be big and bold or small and dainty?

11.  Will it be colorful and vibrant or more subdued?

12. Will it have dangley parts, and will this work with her lifestyle?

13.  Will you do a wire wrapped piece, or will you use mixed media, adding in other techniques and materials or some other technique?

14.  What materials will you use?  (i.e. what beads, etc.)

15.  Will be be symmetrical or asymmetrical?

16.  Will there be several parts that are all connected?  And how will they be connected?  Or will there be more longer pieces to connect?

17.  Will you use gold, silver, copper or brass wire?

18.  How does the recipient want to feel when she’s wearing it?

  • Sassy?
  • Pretty?
  • Free spirited?
  • Peppy?
  • Cheerful?
  • Thoughtful?
  • Quirky?
  • Adventurous?
  • Classy?
  • Elegant?

(or some other feeling…)

19.  Does she have any special needs getting the piece on?  For example, some women have a difficult time putting on bracelets themselves.  Will she have someone to help her or can you make it easier for her?

20.  How heavy will the piece be?  If you’re making earrings for someone else, err on the lighter side.

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