10 Things You Can Learn About Me From My Charm Bracelet

My Charm BraceletCharm BraceletI love charm bracelets!  They are one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry.  I have several.  The one I’m showing you today, though, is particularly special.

I remember when I was a kid my mom started a charm bracelet for me.  Maybe your mom did this, too.  Any special occasion I was to add a charm.  To be honest (sadly) I have no idea what happened to that childhood bracelet or even how many charms made it on.

Luckily, I can make my own jewelry now so I have another charm bracelet!  (Actually, several.)

This particular charm bracelet is a memory bracelet for me.  It contains memories and charms that are all about me and my hobbies and loves.

These charms are mostly purchased except for the photo charms, which I made and also contain my own photography.

Here are 10 Things You Can Learn About me From My Charm Bracelet:

My Charm Bracelet1.  I sew.  I’m not a master seamstress by any means, but I do sew.  I love sewing dolls, fabric cuff bracelet and home decor.  I’m planning a very simple quilt this year and I would love to start designing clothes for myself, too.

My Charm Bracelet2.  Paris.  This charm is a dream not a memory.  I dream to go to Paris one day.  I keep this charm on my bracelet to remind me of my goal.

My Charm Bracelet3.  This charm reminds me of tree branches.  I love being in nature and in particular I love trees.My Charm Bracelet4.  Yes, I love nature, but this butterfly reminds me of freedom.  I quit my day job almost a year ago.  I work from home now on my own schedule.  I have this charm to remind me of that freedom that I often take for granted.

My Charm Bracelet5.  I love The Beatles.  On our honeymoon this was in the wall at the Hard Rock Cafe:  “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

We had just had a very Beatles immersed wedding.  (I walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun” and one of our first dances (we had 2 first dances) was “In My Life.”)  And then this on our honeymoon.

My Charm Bracelet6.  I don’t go very far without a camera, and I really have always been like that.

I was one of those people who never was going to switch to this digital camera “fad.”  Pretty funny to think about now, especially considering I now take 300 or more photos a week.  Image all that film!

My Charm BraceletMy Charm Bracelet7.  Road trips!  My husband and I love to travel to quirky, offbeat, interesting places.  We love nature.  We love historical.  We love abandoned.  We love a good story.  It never gets weird enough for us.  This is my most favorite thing to do with my time.  Thus, there are 2 charms devoted to it.

My Charm Bracelet8.  This is a strange looking charm, but it’s yarn and knitting needles.  Yep, I knit, too!

My Charm Bracelet9.  Niagara Falls is one of my most favorite places.  I have never been anywhere else where I felt so happy and so peaceful.  (And I love the US side because it’s so much more natural.)

Sometimes I feel so very lucky to live not too far (I think it’s probably about 6 or so hours from where I live) away from somewhere so beautiful, a place that people from around the world put on their bucket list to visit.  And truly I can jump in a car and get there in no time.  It’s breathtaking.

My Charm Bracelet10.  I’m married.  That’s my hubby and I in our gorgeous yellow ponchos.  We just came from the Cave of the Winds at Niagara Falls.  (See I told you I loved Niagara Falls!)  Like I said above, this was such a beautiful time in my life at a seriously gorgeous location and, of course, with the person I love so very much.


Want to make your own charm bracelets?  This is really just one kind.  I’ll teach you all kinds of techniques and you’ll be able to build your bracelet from the chain up.

Learn more here:  Charm Bracelet eCourse

Charm Bracelet eCourse


  1. Judy Liberty says:

    Love meaning charm bracelets because they keep memories alive. Really enjoy searching for the special charms and creating a thing of beauty that is person land will be cherished.

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