3 Ways to Use Knotted Links in Jewelry Making

3 Ways to Use Knotted Links

I’m loving these knotted links and have made a few bracelets with them.  (Of course, you can use any of these ideas to make necklaces as well!)

knotted link bracelet

In my Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop I show you how to make these knotted links and how to make a bracelet with them.  But you can also use these links in other ways, too!

I have 3 fun ways you can use the skills you learn in the Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop.

Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop

#1  Make a chain of knotted links to make a bracelet or necklace.

This is exactly what I teach you in the Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop.

Knotted Link Bracelet

#2  Use the links as an element in a bracelet.

In this case I used the knotted links and wire wrapped bead links to make this bracelet.

Knotted Link Bracelet

#3  Use as a strand in a multiple strand bracelet or necklace.

I used three strands:  a knotted link strand, a strand of wire wrapped bead links and a chain.  Then I attached them all with a jump ring and added a clasp.

Ready to learn how to make a knotted link?  Check out my Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop and you’ll be making jewelry like this in no time!

Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop

Wire Wrapped Pendants and Charms from Beach Combing

nature inspirationWe went to the beach this week.  (Lewes, Delaware)

And found this:

nature inspirationSo my husband and I combed through the pretty rocks and shells and picked out a few that we really liked.

BeachAnd I made these:

Wire wrapped beach stoneWire wrapped beach stoneAnd to my surprise and delight, my husband wants me to make him one, too!

Want to learn how to wire wrap stones?  (And so very much more!!  This eWorkshop is jammed packed for the price!)

Check out the Nature Jewelry eWorkshop!

You’ll get a creativity booster, jewelry making skills lessons, and several jewelry projects involving nature.

Nature Jewelry WorkshopThe Nature Jewelry eWorkshop is one week of my larger Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse.  (You’ll also receive a coupon for the price of the Nature eWorkshop  to put towards the full eCourse if you like it!)