ECT TV Episode 49: Wire Work Earrings

ECT TV Episode 49

Today is Day 15 of Earrings Every Day Month here at Emerging Creatively Tutorials.  So I’m sharing an earring project with you today.

These earrings are pretty simple, but I think they’re elegant and fun.  There is a lot of room to customize them to your own taste and preferences as well.

Here’s the video tutorial:

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Links I mention in the video:


You can certainly use pre-made headpins or you can make your own.  I have a few tutorials:

Ornate Headpins

Open Spiral and Knotted Headpins

Infinity Headpins

Earring Wires

Again, you can use earring wires you purchase from the store or they’re pretty simple to make yourself.  I have a tutorial for earring wires here:

How to Make Earring Wires

Opening Jump Rings

If you need more help opening and closing jump rings properly, you can find the video here:

How to Open and Close Jump Rings

Step-by-Step Photo Instructions:

ECT TV Episode 49

Tools and Materials:

  • 2 Beads of your choice *
  • 2 Head pins (either purchased or make your own with one of the tutorials above)
  • 6 4mm jump rings
  • 20 gauge, half-hard, round wire – your choice of metal
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose or a second pair of pliers that are flat on the inside (such as chain nose)
  • Wire cutters

*Beads:  You can use any beads you like, but just keep in mind that with earrings you have to be careful of the weight so they don’t pull at your ears.

Step #1

ECT TV Episode 49

First we’ll make a bead dangle with the headpins and beads.

Slide a bead on a headpin and then hold the headpin just above the bead in round nose pliers.

Step #2

ECT TV Episode 49

Wrap the headpin around the barrel of the pliers creating a loop.

Step #3

ECT TV Episode 49

The loop is not straight over the bead, so you’ll need to straighten it.  There are a few ways to do this.

ECT TV Episode 49

I like to hold the loop in my chain nose pliers and while I wrap the loose wire around pull the loop up.  (It’s probably easier to understand in the video.)

Step #4

Complete the wraps and trim off any excess wire.

Repeat for the other bead and set the bead dangles aside.

Step #5

Cut 4 pieces of wire to about 2 and 1/2″ each.  Make sure each end is flush cut.

Step #6

ECT TV Episode 49

ECT TV Episode 49

ECT TV Episode 49

Hold one wire in the middle of the wire with round nose pliers and then form a loop in the middle.

Step #7

ECT TV Episode 49

Now form the wire into a U shape.  I put the loop back in the round nose pliers and form the U with my fingers, using pressure against the wire to form the curves.

Take this opportunity to make sure the ends are even.

Step #8

ECT TV Episode 49

Now we’ll form a loop on each end of the wire.  We want the loop to be facing in.

Hold the end of the wire in your round nose pliers.  The wire should be at the top of the pliers but not poking through.  It should be placed near the tip of your pliers.

Twist your wrist away from you while wrapping the wire around the barrel of the pliers.  Go as far as your wrist will allow, readjust and then complete the loop.

Step #9

ECT TV Episode 49

ECT TV Episode 49

Complete a loop on the other side.  Both loops should face in.

Then repeat the process to make a total of 4 identical wire pieces.

Step #11

ECT TV Episode 49

Place the pieces together to make sure the all of the shapes are the same and the loops meet up and make adjustments if necessary.

Step #12

ECT TV Episode 49

Now we’ll attach 2 pieces together.  Open a jump ring, place 2 coordinating loops into the jump ring and close the jump ring.  Repeat for the other side.

The repeat for the second pair of wire pieces.

To assistance with open and closing jump rings, see the video linked above.

ECT TV Episode 49

Step #13

ECT TV Episode 49

Attach a bead dangle to one loop using a jump ring.  Repeat for the second earring.

Step #14

ECT TV Episode 49

Add earring wires and you have completed earrings!

Additional resources:

New to working with wire and maybe found this challenging?  Check out my free Wire Workshop and make sure you sign up for my free 14 Day Intro to Jewelry Making eCourse (which also signs you up for my weekly newsletter!)

You may also love my Wire Wrapping for Beginners eBook or print book if you’re just starting.

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Or you can post a photo on my Facebook page.

How to Make a Caged Bead Bracelet

Caged Bead Bracelet

Yesterday I shared my Caged Bead Video Tutorial and it got me interested in making some caged bead jewelry again.

Previously, I have used them in earrings or just a couple in a bracelet, but this time I wanted to just use caged beads as the entire piece.  So I made this bracelet.

Caged Bead Bracelet

What’s great about it is that it’s not super chunky, but it does feel substantial on your wrist with all that wire!

It’s pretty easy to make, so I don’t have a step-by-step tutorial here like I normally would, but I’ll tell you how to make it.

Materials and Tools:

  • 8mm Czech class beads
  • 20 gauge wire
  • 7mm jump rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers

Step #1

Follow the instructions here for making a caged bead.  Make as many as you need to make a bracelet.

Step #2

Make the caged beads into wire wrapped bead links.  Need help making wire wrapped bead links?  How to Make a Wire Wrapped Bead Link Video Tutorial.

Step #3

Attach the caged beads together with jump rings.  Need help opening and closing jump rings?  How to Properly Open and Close Jump Rings Video Tutorial.

Step #4

Add a lobster clasp to one end and a couple jump rings to the other end.

Caged Bead Bracelet

And that’s all there is to it!  To make a necklace, just make it longer.  And of course, you can use different beads or different metals of wire.

This was lots of fun for me to make and once you get in the swing of making the cages you really get in a zone.


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How to Make a Caged Bead

How to Make a Caged Bead

Today I wanted to share my how to make a caged bead video tutorial with you.

You can use caged beads to add an extra special element to your jewelry designs or use the caged bead for the main focal point of the jewelry piece.

This technique is one of many (many!) jewelry skills I teach in Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry and also in the Doodle Jewelry eWorkshop (which is now available here!)

Here’s the video tutorial:

How to Make a Caged Bead

It looks so cool and impressive, but I hope my video makes it seem a little bit easier!

What jewelry will you make with your caged bead?


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Charm Week Day 1: Infinity Headpin & Bead Dangle Charm

Infinity Headpin and Bead Dangle Charm

This week is charm week here at Emerging Creatively Tutorials!

Each day you’ll find another charm tutorial right here.

Today is Day 1 and I have a video tutorial for you!  Learn how to make an infinity headpin and then make a bead dangle with it.

Infinity headpins

The bead dangle is one of the building blocks of charm bracelets.  It’s as simple of a charm as you can get and you can use it to build up and add more to other charms.

And making your own headpins add extra personality and expression to your jewelry creations.  Plus, if you happen to have beads with large openings, sometimes headpins from the jewelry store do not work because the beads slide off.  These headpins will keep your beads right where you want them.

Here’s the Infinity Headpin & Bead Dangle Charm Video Tutorial:

Infinity headpin dangle

I’m so excited about the re-release of my Charm Bracelet eCourse.  You’ll learn with videos and PDF eBooks how to make a charm bracelet from making chain, headpins and a clasp to making charms and putting it all together.

You want to wear your family on your wrist?  You’ll learn how to make photo charms.

You want to express your creativity with funky, chunky bracelets?  You’ll learn how.

It’s full of instructions plus ideas for you to express your own creativity.

Plus, now you can buy it all at once or make payments.  Learn more here.

Charm Bracelet eCourse

ECT TV Episode 29: Wire Circle Pendant

ECT TV Episode 29

Learn how to make this simple, but elegant wire circle pendant.  Watch the video episode below to get the basic pendant technique as seen in the photo and then read on to get a couple of ideas to customize it!

Video Episode:

As I mentioned in the video, you can also make earrings with this same technique.  I made a pair in a bit smaller size.

Wire Circle Earrings

Here’s the tutorial in photographs:

You can use it on a necklace or you can make 2 and make a pair of earrings.

I used a lightweight aluminum 24 gauge wire, but any 22 gauge to 24 gauge wire would work just fine, too.

Try using brass or gold wire, too!

Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Wire (see above for gauge)  I didn’t measure how much – I just used it off the roll and  wrapped until I liked the look.
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers (+another pair of pliers such as bent nose)
  • Ring mandrel (A big highlighter or other cylindrical object that is as big as you would like your pendant will work well, too!)

Step #1

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 1

Leave the wire on the spool and work from the loose end.  Start wrapping around the ring mandrel or whatever cylindrical object you are using.  Keep wrapping until you like the size.

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 2

Step #2

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 3

Finish wrapping where you started.  Leave a long tail of wire and cut off the roll.

Step #3

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 4

Start wrapping around the top, making sure to catch the loose end of wire.

Step #4

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 5

Wrap around several times until the top is secure and you like how it looks.

Step #5

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 6

Grasp the loose wire near the pendant with round nose pliers.

Step #6

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 7

Wrap the wire around one barrel of the round nose pliers and under in between the wrapping and the pliers.  Then remove your pliers.

Step #7

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 8

Grasp the loop between the 2 barrels of the pliers.  (See how off-center this loop is – straighten this out or try to keep it straight to begin with.  I’ll show you another trick to get it more in line in the next step, too.)

In the video, I show you how I straighten loops easily.

Step #8

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 9

Wrap around the pendant, then around the loop and continue until the loop is stable.  Pull the loop into place while you are doing this.

Step #9

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 11

Finish wrapping by going around the loop.

Step #10

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 12

Cut off the excess wire and tuck in the end.

Then just add a cord or chain and wear it.

Or make 2 matching and add earring wires.

Wire Circle Pendant

Now that you have the basic idea, here are a couple ways to customize it even more:

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant with BeadsAdd beads.  Click here for the Wire Circle Pendant with Beads Tutorial.

Or add bead dangles:

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant with Beads

Click here to go to the Wire Circle Pendant with Bead Dangles Tutorial.  (And of course, you can just add one dangle or add them however you like!)

In ECT TV Episode 7, I showed how to make a Wire Circle Ring.

ECT TV Episode 7

Click here to watch ECT TV Episode 7 to learn how to make a matching ring for your pendant!

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