My Week in the Life Mini Album

Week in the Life

I know you probably think of me as a jewelry designer and teacher, but I also have other creative things I like to do.  So I’ve been sharing things like my art journal and nature journal here on Fridays.

A couple of weeks ago I shared how I was preparing my Week In The Life mini album.  Well, a couple of weeks later, I have the completed mini album…but it’s quite different than how I started.

Here’s a video that I show you some of the details of the album and give you some tips if you want to make your own album:

Originally, I thought I was going to use this little 4″ x 6″ album.

Week in the Life Mini Album

I got it all ready and added in some extra pages for more journaling.  As I went through my week I kept the album with me (it was easy because it was so small) and made notes about what we were doing and things like that.

When the week was over, I realized I had a lot more photos than would fit in this album.  (I took photos all week, but had them printed when the week was over.)

So I either had to cut out a lot of photos or come up with another plan.  I decided to keep all the photos because it’s not often that I such a detailed record of a week in my life.  (In fact, I’ve never done that before!)

Week in the Life

I came up with this mini album that I put together myself.  I used rings on the side and just punched holes in the photos to match the holes that were already punched in the pages from the original album.  I created a front and back cover, added a tie and was done.

Week in the Life

For the covers, I used 2 4″ x 6″ Project Life cards adhered together for each cover.  I glued the lace in between the two cards so I could tie the album closed.

Week in the Life

For the photos, I organized the order and separated by day and then adhered backs together so that when you flip through you don’t see the back of the photos. (Do the adhering first before punching holes so you make sure to get everything going the right way.)

Each day has journaling cards with all the details of the day, ephemera from the day and then the photos.

Week in the Life

I love how the album turned out and now I still have the original album to use for something else.

My Week In The Life Mini Album

Hopefully this has inspired you to try something new!  Maybe you don’t want to make an actual album, but it could still be fun to document a week or even just a day in your life.  I thought my life wasn’t that exciting, but even just a week or so afterwards when my husband and I were looking at the album we couldn’t believe all the stuff we actually did do.

Week In the Life Mini Album – Getting Ready

Week in the Life Mini Album

I know you probably think of me as a jewelry designer and teacher, but I also have other things I like to do.  So I’ve been sharing things like my art journal and nature journal here on Fridays.

I’m excited about a project I’ll be doing next week!  It’s called Week In The Life and you can read more about it over here on Ali Edwards’s website.

We so often miss all the everyday parts of our lives.  So Week In The Life is a way of capturing a week in your life, right now, how it is.

How this started for me:

I am a long time scrapbooker.  (I started in 4th grade!!!  Those scrapbooks weren’t what we think of scrapbooking now, but I did gather memorabilia and photos and put them in albums.)  I kind of stopped for several years.  But then I found out about pocket pages and I’ve been obsessed with pocket page scrapping this year.

So when I was recently in a Goodwill store and they were having a 50% off sale, I found a few albums.  I found this 4″ x 6″ mini album for $0.97!

Week in the Life Mini Album

And I got it for half off…so less than 50 cents!

I got it even though I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it.  I’ve been pocket page scrapping and this doesn’t have pocket pages.

Then I found out about WITL by Ali Edwards and knew it would be perfect!  I didn’t really even read the cover when I bought it, but isn’t it perfect?

Here’s a video of me flipping through the album showing you what I added for this project:

Next week is a weird week for me.  Well, weird in a way, but not so abnormal, either really, so at first I thought it was a bad week to do the Week In The Life project, but I decided to go for it anyway.

Week in the Life Mini Album

Since I’m kind of obsessed with pocket page scrapbooking and have a lot of Project Life cards, I added some into my mini album.  As I showed you in my art journal, I love different sizes in my books.  I find it inspires me much more to see the different sizes and patterns.

Week in the Life Mini Album

Week in the Life Mini Album

I love that this album has pockets in the front and back.  I have some extra cards there now, but I can collect my memorabilia in them as I go through my week.

My Plan:

1.  My album is a blank canvas ready to go.  As I showed you in the video, I plan to use the 4″ x 6″ cards as dividers for each day and I have now stamped each day on them (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)  I plan to document my day as I go through it and keep my album with me, almost like you might a journal or something similar so I can write down everything that I do.

Ali has some really helpful downloadable PDFs to help you keep track of what you do all day for a week, which I thought of using, but I think I’ll just go ahead and put stuff right in the album as I go.

2.  I’m going to collect receipts and stuff along the way.  I’m planning on just adhering it right in my album each night so it’s easier to keep straight, but that may change.  Typically I like to see an entire layout before I commit to adhering things down, but I think I want to take this project more like a smash book or something.  I want to get the stuff in there as quickly as possible.

3.  After the week is over, I’ll get the photos printed and I’ll add them in the book by punching holes in them and making them their own pages.  I will probably adhere them back to back so there aren’t blank sides to them or I might add some to patterned paper or journaling cards so the backs aren’t blank.

4.  Then I’ll embellish and it will be done.  I’m trying to just give myself only an additional week to complete it.  I’ve said it here and in the video, so hopefully I’ll be done and be able to show you how it went.

I’m curious, do I have any scrapbookers here?  Is anyone else doing WITL?

UPDATE:  See my completed album here.  (It turned out quite differently than I intended.)

ECT TV Episode 25: Quick and Simple {and elegant} Wire Earrings

ECT TV Episode 25:  Quick and Easy Earrings

Quick and Simple Hammered Wire Earrings

Quick and Easy Wire Earrings

This week we’ll learn how to make a very quick and easy pair of earrings + we’re hammering!

Here’s the video episode:

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Quick and Simple Earrings Tutorial

Quick and Easy Hammered Earring Tutorial

Quick and Easy Hammered Earring Tutorial

Tools and Materials:

  • 2 Beads*  I used Mixed Gemstone Beads 8mm from Happy Mango Beads
  • 20 gauge half-hard round wire (I used copper, but use whatever metal you like)
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Jewelry file (or a nail file works fine, too)
  • Chasing hammer and steel block or anvil

* About the beads for this project.  You can use any beads you like, but make sure the bore hole isn’t too big.  This might take a little experimentation if you’re trying different beads.

Also remember when choosing beads to not choose beads that are too heavy and pull down your ears.

Step #1

Quick and Simple Earrings

Cut 2 pieces of wire the same length.  I cut mine to 4″.  We’ll fold the wire in half, so in this case the earrings will hang about 2″ from my ears.  You might want to make yours shorter or longer.

Step #2

Quick and Simple Earrings

Make a flush cut on each end of each wire.  (Use the back of your wire cutters toward the work.)

Step #3

Quick and Simple Earrings

Hammer one end of each wire flat with your chasing hammer.  I hammered the bottom 1/2″.  You can make sure to only hammer the amount you want by just putting that amount on the steel block.  Alternatively, you could make a mark on the wire and then wipe it off when you’re done hammering.

You are hammering the wire flat and it will be wider, too.  That is what will keep the bead on the wire.

Quick and Simple Earrings

Step #4

Quick and Simple Earrings

Slide a bead on each wire.

If the bead slides off you need to either: 

  1. Hammer the end more to flatten it out more, or
  2. Use a bead with a smaller bore hole.

Sometimes this takes a little experimenting.

Step #5

Quick and Simple Earrings

I like to loosely find the middle of the wire.

Step #6

Quick and Easy Wire Earrings

Bend the wire in half against chain nose pliers.

Step #7

Quick and Easy Wire Earrings

Use your fingers to sort of curve out the wire.

Quick and Easy Wire Earrings

Step #8

Quick and Easy Wire Earrings

File the end that will go into your ears with a jewelry file or nail file.  I like to round the edges.

Quick and Easy Wire Earrings

Quick and Easy Wire Earrings

Quick and Easy Hammered Earring Tutorial


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How to Make Interchangable Wire Wrapped Earrings

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earring TutorialsThese versatile earrings are so much fun because you can change the dangles to suite your mood and outfit.  Or if you prefer, just use some 24 gauge wire between the loops and wrap them together so that the dangles are not removable.

Some things to note:  When you wear these earrings the dangles are relatively secure, however any vigorous movements or exercise can make you lose the dangles.  I was wearing these while doing some quick and vigorous cleaning and one of the dangles fell off.  Otherwise, they will be just fine.

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earring TutorialsMaterials and Tools:

  • 20 gauge wire
  • Carved Bone Skull Beads (B7517) from Happy Mango Beads
  • Earring wires (or you can make your own)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Ring mandrel or highlighter pen
  • Paintbrush or pen
  • Hammer and Steel block or anvil

Step #1

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earring TutorialsCut off 2 pieces of 8 inch wire.

Step #2

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialWrap the wire around a ring mandrel or highlighter pen so that the ends of the wire are equal.

Step #3

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialThen twist the wire.

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialStep #4

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialHold one end of the wire with round nose pliers and start to make a bend going in towards the middle.

Step #5

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialThen use a paintbrush or pen and start to make a large spiral.

Step #6

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialUsing your round nose pliers, continue to make the spiral until you end up with how you want it to look.  Then repeat for the other side and the other wire as well.

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialInterchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialStep #7

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialUsing a nylon hammer on a steel block or anvil, lightly hammer the wire to harden and strengthen it.

Step #8

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings tutorialMake 4 spiral headpins.  Or alternatively you can use purchased headpins.

Here’s video on how to make the headpins:

Step #9

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings TutorialUsing the skull beads and the spiral headpins, make bead dangles.

For more on how to make a bead dangle, see this video:

Step #10

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings TutorialSlide the beads around the spiral and onto the earrings.

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings TutorialStep #11

Interchangeable Wire Wrapped Earrings TutorialAdd pre-made earring wires or make your own.

How to make your own earring wires:

How to Make interchangeable wire wrapped earringsThen you can make other dangles so you can change out the beads OR make them permanent by wrapping the loops on each earring together!


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Tag Video Tutorial

Tag Tutorial

Tags can add a lot of cuteness to your scrapbook or other paper crafts!  I’ll show you how I made this particular tag using punches.  If you don’t have these particular punches click the link for the template that I mention in the video.  You can also use just plain circles for the flower.

Tag Template

If you like to scrapbook and you have (or are thinking about starting) a small business, I have a great online workshop in the works for you!

Business Plan Scrapbook

Business Plan Scrapbook eWorkshop!

You’ll learn how to make a cool paper bag scrapbook and then fill it up with your business plan.  Until I did this I never actually used or even looked at my business plan after I wrote it.  This you want to use.

Release date is Wednesday, March 20th!