Earrings Every Day Month Day 2

Earrings Every Day Month Day 2

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 2

Today is Day 2 for Earrings Every Day Month and the featured earrings are Tier Earrings.

For today, like in Day 1, I decided to make a pair of earrings to match a necklace that I had made but didn’t have matching earrings for.

Earrings Every Day Month Day 2

Recently I made a bunch of Beaded Spiral Pendants and one that I made featured these pretty olive and rose colors.  In fact, these are the exact leftover beads from that project.  I wear the necklace all the time, but I never had taken the time to make coordinating earrings.  So now was my chance!

For these earrings I made the spiral headpin for the bead dangle on the end.  I wanted to add a spiral since the necklace is a spiral.

I also made my own earring wires.

And even though these earrings are hanging on my canvas earring holder for the photo above, I assure you that I immediately put these on and am wearing them as I type this.  🙂

Have you made your earrings for today yet?  I would love to see them!  You can post a photo on my Facebook page or on Instagram using the hashtag #EEDM.

Earrings Every Day Week 1 Wrap Up

Earrings Every Day Month Week 1 Wrap Up

Week #1 of Earrings Every Day Month is in the bag!

If you’ve been making earrings each day, you’ll have 7 new pairs of earrings.  If you’re an overachiever, you may have more.  And maybe you’re having difficulty getting started.

In any case, it’s okay!  You can start right now.

Earrings Every Day Month Week 1 Wrap Up

The photo above is from day one when I made dangle earrings.  I’m wearing these earrings today, by the way and love the beads I used so much I’m going to make some more jewelry to match.

Now I have more earrings:

Earrings Every Day Month Week 1 Wrap Up

I have 9 new pairs of earrings.  My favorites right now are these Turquoise Tier Earrings.

Turquoise Tier Earrings

Turquoise is my favorite and I love the feathers on the bottom as well.

Earrings Every Day Month

Want to play along?  You can sign up for the Earrings Every Day daily emails here.

And you can get the tutorial to make tier earrings plus ideas for customizing them here.

Wire Wrapping For Beginners Day 2: Tier Earrings

Frida Tier EarringsThis month I’m working my way though my own book, Wire Wrapping For Beginners, and making 1 project per day.  I wanted to show you different examples of the projects while making myself some new jewelry!

Today is Day 2 and the project is Tier Earrings.

Frida beadsI used 2 of these Frida Kahlo Decoupage Beads from Happy Mango Beads, plus the beads in the middle and 2 other gemstone beads from my collection.  The Frida beads are very lightweight and you get 2 of each image, so they’re perfect for earring making!

Frida Tier EarringsFrida Tier EarringsIf you want to create along with me, grab the Wire Wrapping For Beginners book.  (You can purchase and instantly download the e-version or get the print version shipped to you!)

Recycled Glass Bead Knotted Jewelry Set Tutorial

Recycled Glass Bead JewelryI’ve been eying up these recycled glass beads from Happy Mango Beads.  As you may know, recycled jewelry is kind of my thing.

I was out of beading wire (I know, crazy, right?!?) and didn’t feel like running out to get some more.  That is how I came up with this design and technique.  Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

Recycled Glass Bead Jewelry IMG_9573Materials and Tools:

For Necklace:

  • Clear Round Tabular Recycled Glass Beads – Indonesia 14mm (You’ll need a full strand for the necklace and a partial strand for the earrings and bracelet)
  • Cotton Cord – you can get this at Fire Mt. Gems or at most crafts stores – 1mm
  • Scissors

For Bracelet:

  • All of the above from the necklace, plus:
  • Crimp ends – I got mine at AC Moore, they sell them on Fire Mt. Gems, too.
  • 2 Jump rings
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Pewter Toggle 18mm

For Earrings:

  • 4 of the recycled glass beads
  • 20 gauge wire
  • Earring wires (or make your own)

Recycled Glass Bead Necklace Instructions

This is necklace is especially great for those of you who have metal allergies!  No metal involved.

Step #1

Cut some cord.  I started out with more than twice the length of the necklace I wanted and had some excess.  Figure out how long you want your necklace and double it.

Step #2

Recycled Glass TutorialNow we’re going to start beading.  Make a knot, add a bead, make a knot, add a bead, etc.

When you are making your knots, keep them close to the beads.

Before your first knot, leave several inches.

Here’s how I did it:

Recycled Glass TutorialHold the cord very close to the last bead and start to make the knot.

Recycled Glass TutorialWhile you are pulling the knot closed, also pull it close to the bead.

Recycled Glass TutorialAs I’m pulling the knot, I hold the cord right next to the bead and make sure to get it right near the bead.

Alternatively, you could use some sort of a stick to make sure you get the knot close to the bead.

Recycled Glass TutorialI beaded one strand of the glass beads.  You can decide how long you would like your necklace.  I considered making it really long, but when I tried it on after beading one strand, it looked perfect so I stopped.

Step #3

Recycled Glass TutorialThe the cord so that it’s even on the ends and then you can tie a bow to create the necklace.  It’s somewhat adjustable in length, just tie the bow in different places.

Recycled Glass Tutorial(Note:  If you prefer to add a clasp to the end, read on for how I added a clasp to my bracelet and use it on your necklace.)

Recycled Glass Bracelet Instructions

Step #1

Measure out cord about twice around your wrist.  Use the same knotting/beading technique as you did for the necklace.

Since a bracelet is difficult to tie on yourself, we’ll add a clasp instead.

Recycled Glass TutorialStep #2

Recycled Glass TutorialAdd a crimp end to each end and then trim off the excess cord.  These are also called “fold over” crimp ends.  Just fold over one side and then the other and squeeze it closed.  Pull on it to make sure it is secure.

Step #3

Recycled Glass TutorialOpen 2 jump rings and add the clasp to each end.

Recycled Glass Bead Bracelet TutorialRecycled Glass Tier Earrings Instructions

Step #1

Recycled Glass Bead Tier Earrings TutorialMake 2 bead links.

For extra help:

Wire Wrapped Bead Link Video Tutorial

Step #2

Recycled Glass Bead Tier Earrings TutorialMake 2 bead dangles.  The holes on these beads are too large for regular head pins, so you can make your own spiral head pins.

For extra help:

Bead Dangle Video Tutorial

Headpin Video Tutorial

Step #3

Recycled Glass Bead Tier Earrings TutorialOpen 2 jump rings and 2 earring wires and assemble your earrings.

For extra help:

How to properly open and close jump rings video tutorial

How to Make Your Own Earring Wires Video Tutorial

Recycled Glass Bead Jewelry TutorialNow you have a full set.