5 Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorials

5 Spiral WIre Jewelry Tutorials
I love making spirals.  I feel like it’s kind of becoming a signature look of mine in my jewelry pieces.

Spirals even show up in my paintings:

BraveSo what is it about spirals that I love?

I love how they just continuously keep going.

I think they look cool.

They fit into my simple, clean style of jewelry making very well, while adding a bit of a twist.

They are so much fun to make!

Now, it’s your turn to try making spiral jewelry!  What will you make first?

Spiral Charm Necklace

1.  Spiral Charm Necklace

Click on the link for the free tutorial.  You’ll learn how to make a spiral charm and then make a fun charm necklace.

Spiral earrings tutorial

2.  Spiral Earrings

Super cute and quick!  Use the beads I mention or try different beads.  Just be careful that the weigh of the beads isn’t too heavy for your ears.

Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring Tutorial

3.  Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring

So cute as a midi ring or a regular ring.  It also can make a great gift because it’s adjustable and you don’t need the exact size!  Click on the link for a video and photographic tutorial and learn how to make this cute ring!

Spiral Wire Ring Tutorial

4.  Spiral Wire Ring

I am obsessed with these rings.  I actually designed it years ago and had just the one ring for myself.  Then recently I decided to release a tutorial on how to make it.  It’s the first in a series of new individual jewelry patterns I will be releasing (because you asked for that in my survey!)

Click here to learn more and purchase the Spiral Wire Ring Pattern/Tutorial at a great price!

Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorials

5.  Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorials eBook

Well, it’s really a bunch of tutorials in one.  As you can see, two of the tutorials I mentioned above are in this eBook (in easy to download and/or print and take your worktable format), plus I love that bangle bracelet tutorial.

I actually have made myself several of the spiral bangle bracelets and I wear them constantly.  I love to pile on the bracelets, wearing a whole bunch of bracelets stacked at one time and that bracelet goes perfectly with almost everything.  (And once you get the base made and get the technique down, it goes pretty quickly!)

So have a convinced you to try to make wire spirals? 

Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorial eBook

Spiral Wire Jewelry TutorialsLove making spirals with wire?

Want to give it a try?

Do I have the tutorial eBook for you!

The Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorials eBook.

How to make a spiralYou’ll learn (with tons of close up photos and written instructions!):

  • How to Make 2 different types of spirals;
  • Spiral and Gemstone Chip Earrings project;
  • Spiral Earrings project;
  • Spiral Charm Necklace project;
  • Gemstone Chip and Spiral Pendant project;
  • Beaded Spiral Ring project;
  • Beaded Spiral Wire Wrapped Ring (style 2) project; and
  • Spiral Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet project.

That’s right, you’ll learn how to make spirals and then put your knowledge to use in real projects!

Spiral Beaded Wire RingPlus, I give you ideas to customize each project and really make them your own.

And you’ll be able to email me if you get stuck along the way!

144 pages of instructions, photos and ideas!

Terms:  You can use these tutorials to make jewelry to sell!  Yep, master the skill and then you can make some extra money!

Spiral Wire EarringsReady to get started?

Click here to purchase