ECT TV Episode 32: How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

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I’m asked often about how I get my ideas and my inspiration, so I’ve started talking about that here on my blog.  One of my biggest inspirations is nature.  I’ve talked about it before, but my husband and I love to travel, whether it’s day trips, mini vacations or full vacations.

We love waterfalls.  My favorite place in the world is Niagara Falls.  If you have an opportunity, go.  It’s amazing.

Niagara Falls

That trip was one of my happiest memories of my life.  I wanted to bring that into my daily life.  And what better why than to make a necklace!

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

For this tutorial I’ll show you the very basics of how to make it, but you can really get creative with this necklace.  I’m not giving you exact measurements.  Just experiment and go with your heart.

ECT TV Episode 32 Video:

Waterfall Necklace Tutorial:

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

Materials and Tools:

  • Chain *
  • Beads *
  • 20 gauge half-hard round wire *
  • 4mm jump rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • A couple 7mm jump rings
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

*Use any chain, bead and color of wire you like!  I used tiny beads and small chain.

Step #1

Make several bead links using the wire and beads.  I made 12 of these.  For help making bead links, watch the video above or click here for even more instruction.

Step #2

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

Open a bunch of 4mm jump rings.  It’s so much easier to have all the jump rings you need open instead of stopping to open them as you go along.

Need extra instruction on this?  Watch the video above or click here.

Step #3

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

Now we’ll start to put together our hanging chain pieces.  I have kept this kind of vague so you can use your own creativity.  First I sorted out my bead links into rows.  Then I started to put them together with chain using 4mm jump rings.  I kept it random and just designed and made decisions as I went along.  I made seven hanging chain pieces.  You can make more or less.

You just add a bead link, add a piece of chain in any length you like and then add more chain.

I made them all different lengths to represent a waterfall.  My longest one was 4 1/2 inches long.  You can make them shorter or longer.  You can make them all the same length.  You could start long in the middle and make them shorter going out.  It’s really up to you.

Step #4

I measured around my neck to decide how long I wanted my necklace to be and cut a length of chain.

Step #5

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

Attach the hanging chain pieces to the necklace chain using 4mm jump rings.  I started with my middle piece.  I found the exact middle of my necklace chain and then attached the middle hanging chain piece.  I worked out from the middle.

In my case, I skipped 3 links and added another hanging chain piece.  You can decide how far apart or close you would like your pieces to be.

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

Step #6

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

Add a lobster clasp to one end of the necklace chain using a 4mm jump ring.

On the other end, add a couple of 7mm jump rings for the clasp to hook into.

Note:  My chain was tiny and my 7mm jump ring was a thick gauge and wouldn’t go through the link.  So I just added a 4mm jump ring and then attached the 7mm jump rings to that.

ECT TV Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

What ideas do you have to change this?  Give them a try and see what you come up with!


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Creativity Countdown Week 1: Gratitude

Creativity Countdown

This is the very last week of the Creativity Countdown.  We’ve counted down 8 weeks leading into the New York and to the Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse.  You can find all the weeks below.

What are we counting down to?

Well, I’m so glad you asked!  January 5, 2015 we’ll be starting our next round of Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse.  It’s a six week eCourse with weekly prompts to help you rediscover or boost your creativity, jewelry lessons and jewelry projects.

The price of the eCourse will be jumping up on Friday, January 2nd, 2015.  Also, as of the time I’m writing this there is one more spot leave to get a free Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry print book when you sign up.

To learn more about Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry, please click here.

Countdown weeks:

  • Week 8 can be found here.
  • Week 7 can be found here.
  • Week 6 can be found here.
  • Week 5 can be found here.
  • Week 4 can be found here.
  • Week 3 can be found here.
  • Week 2 can be found here.


As we prepare for the New Year we often think about goals or things we’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year.  I know I set goals around all areas of my life including creativity.

Often we go full steam into the New Year without much thought about our past year and what we’ve accomplished.  Or we come up with a list of things we’d like without appreciating what we have.

While I do believe it’s important to have goals, I know that it’s also important to appreciate what you have and be grateful for the things in your life.

I have kept gratitude journals on and off over the years, but I’ve never been really consistent with it.  This year gratitude is a big goal of mine.

What does gratitude have to do with creativity?

Well, studies have shown that when you’re grateful for what you have, you are happier.  The kind of happiness I’m talking about is probably more accurately described as being content.  I’m not talking about happy, laughing all the time; it’s more a feeling of fulfillment and be content.

When you’re content, you have made a lasting, positive impact on your life and that affects all areas of your life, including creativity.

Gratitude lets us appreciate what we have instead of reaching for new things hoping that that new thing will finally make us happy.  It changes our focus to what we have instead of what we don’t have.

You may fake it at first, but eventually it will be engrained in you and your mental state will actually change.

Now, I know that we have all read or experienced that artists are bipolar or depressed and mentally ill.  I am bipolar and I have shared how creativity has helped me with that.  Being creative, and specifically making jewelry, has gotten me through a lot of difficult times to be sure.

I think that happiness can influence creativity at least as much, if not more.  When you feel content, you give yourself space and room to create.  And I think if sadness and negative things can be inspiring, so can positivity and happiness.

Entire books are written on this subject, but I want to give you some concrete things you can do to bring gratitude into your life.

gratitude journal

5 Ways to Bring Gratitude into Your Life:

1.  Keep a gratitude journal.  You can make one like I did in the picture above with paper bags or get a notebook or journal to record what you’re grateful for.

I liked my paper bag gratitude journal because I could place note cards in the little openings created each day with things I’m grateful for that day.

I have a tutorial to make a paper bag scrap book.  Click here.  (You’ll see links to Day 1, etc.  Start with Day 1 and work through.  They are PDFs.  At the end you’ll have a paper bag scrapbook.  When I created the tutorial it was “map week” on my blog, but you can use any paper you like to decorate!  Also, my website BBBellezza doesn’t really exist anymore.  It’s my old business name.)

2.  Keep a gratitude jar.  I might do this for 2015.  Get a mason jar (or really any jar) and each day write something you’re grateful for on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.  Then on New Year’s Eve next year you can read them all!

You could decorate the jar or you don’t have to.  You could find a cool jar at a thrift store or use anything you have around.

Here’s my tutorial to make a decoupage jar or lantern.  It might be handy for you to hang it up, so you can see how to do it there.  Or leave that part off and just put it on a table.

I’m planning to pre-cut the strips that we’ll write what we’re grateful for on so that there’s never an excuse not to do it.

3.  Make a Garland of Gratitude.  I love this idea!  It doesn’t have to be for Thanksgiving.  I can be anytime.  Click here for how to make one.

4.  Send a thank you card or handwritten note to somebody.  Telling someone that you appreciate them is a great way to feel grateful.  It doesn’t have to be for anything specific.  It can be thank you for being you.

5.  Call and talk to someone and tell them you’re grateful for them.  (Don’t text or email them, actually call them.)

Do you have a gratitude practice?  Are you going to try one of these?



Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry

My 6 week eCourse, Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry starts on January 5th, 2015.  Learn more about the eCourse and get in here before the price goes up on January 2nd!

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Creativity Countdown Week 2: Go on a Creativity Expedition!

Creativity Countdown

Each Monday leading into the New Year I’ll be posting a Creativity Booster.  There will be a variety of activities to try.  Sometimes there will be videos and sometimes photos.  These activities will boost your creativity and make you feel more creative so that you can express yourself in your jewelry making.

What are we counting down to?

Well, I’m so glad you asked!  January 5, 2015 we’ll be starting our next round of Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse.  It’s a six week eCourse with weekly prompts to help you rediscover or boost your creativity, jewelry lessons and jewelry projects.

To learn more about Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry, please click here.

Week 8 can be found here.

Week 7 can be found here.

Week 6 can be found here.

Week 5 can be found here.

Week 4 can be found here.

Week 3 can be found here.

Creativity Countdown 2

We have just 2 weeks to the start of Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse!

Today I would like to invite you to try out my mini eCourse that goes along with Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry.

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Jewelry making lessons, and

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souvenir charm bracelet

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ECT TV Episode 31: How to Make a Key Ornament

ECT TV Episode 31:  Key Ornament

In today’s ECT TV episode, I’ll show you how to make an ornament from a key.

This is such a cute idea for a gift (especially a new homeowner), a gift topper, your own tree or make an ornament.

Below the video you’ll find step-by-step instructions plus some variations on this.  Remember to sign up for my newsletter to receive future episodes right in your inbox in PDF form!

This is the last episode of ECT TV for the year.  I started this series at the beginning of this year and I can’t believe that I’ve created 31 episodes.  We’ll continue in the new year on January 6th with a brand new episode.

Thank you so much for watching and sharing!  It has been so much fun!  Have a great holiday and I’ll see you in 2015!

Here’s the video episode:

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Key Ornament Tutorial:

Upcycled Key Ornament Complete

Upcycled Key Ornament Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials:

  • An old key
  • Seed beads (8-10) Any color you wish or use multiple colors.
  • A larger “focal” bead
  • 22 or 24 gauge half-hard round wire (in the video I used brass, in this tutorial I used silver plated copper)
  • 20 gauge half-hard wire (again any wire) or you can simply use a pre-made ornament hook
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
Step #1

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 1

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 1a

Begin to wrap the wire at the bottom of the key. Catch the wire in between the teeth of the key. Wrap around with the long end a couple of times.

Step #2

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 2a

Continue wrapping a few times, catch the short end of the wire and wrap it so it is secure.

Step #3

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 3

Thread about 8 -10 seed beads onto the wire.

Step #4

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 4

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 5

Slide one bead down to the key, wrap once around the key. Slide another bead down, wrap once around the key. Continue until the bottom of the key is filled with beads.

In the video I sometimes wrapped the wire around an extra time without a bead.

Step #5

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 6

Slide on your focal bead. Since this is a Christmas ornament I chose red and green for the colors, but really any color is fine. Clear or white beads would be gorgeous or blue or gold or rainbow anything that matches your decor and style.

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 7

HINT: You will want to leave more room at the top of the beaded seed beads than I did. I should have unwrapped and taken off at least 1 or 2 seed beads to allow more room for the bigger bead on top.

Step #6

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 8

After adding the focal bead, wrap the wire around a couple times then wrap around a few times down the end of the key. Cut off the excess and make sure the end is secure by using chain nose pliers to push it down.

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 9

Step #7

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 10

You could just add a pre-made hook here if you want. Or take some wire and bend it.

Step #8

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 11

Wrap the shorter end around the longer end a few times. Secure it with chain nose pliers.

Step #9

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 12

Make a hook at the end by wrapping the wire around something round. I used my ring mandrel, but you could also use a pen or a highlighter.

Step #10

Upcycled Key Ornament Complete

Hang up your new ornament. Or give it as a unique gift!

Upcycled Key Ornament Complete

Ideas To Customize It:

  • Use a copy of your house key or maybe your first house to make it really sentimental.
  • Use skeleton keys.
  • Use any beads of any colors.
  • Add charms in with the beads to make it really funky.
  • Add yarn to the wrapping. See my Customize Your Wire Wrapped Key Brooch post.
  • Make it a pendant instead of an ornament. Or a brooch.

Key Brooches

Wire Wrap Key Brooch with Fiber


Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry

You still have time to get in on the New Year journey of Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse!  It starts on January 5th and is a great way to start out 2015 with creativity and learning how to make jewelry.

It’s a 6 week eCourse and you get a lesson each Monday that includes a creativity booster, jewelry making lessons and jewelry projects.  You’ll learn some great ways to booster or rediscover your creativity and lots of jewelry making lessons and projects to put it all together.

The price is going up on January 2nd PLUS the next three people to join will get a free copy of my print book Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry.  Not to mention that you get my Wire Wrapping for Beginners eBook when you sign up so you can start learning right away!


Once you join in, you have lifetime access to the eCourse.  This round I’m making some additions and once you are in, you get all the additions for free forever.  You can return to this eCourse again and again!

Are you ready to feel more creative in 2015?  Click here.

ECT TV Episode 23: How to Make a Stretch Ring and Dealing with Creative Fears

ECT TV Episode 23
This week on Emerging Creatively Tutorials we’ll talk about creative fears and I’ll teach you how to make a stretch ring that you can even make with kids!  (No special tools required!)

Here’s the video for ECT Episode 23:

Trigger alert:  I talk a lot about snakes in this video and my fears surrounding them that I am working on.  I just wanted to let you know because a few months ago even the word snake would make me fixate on snakes for the rest of the day and have major anxiety and probably nightmares.  (There are no photos of snakes, I promise!)

To skip to the tutorial, go to 13:21 in the video.

Fear and Creativity

I know that fears are such a big factor in keeping people from being creative.  It has affected me, too.

You may have one of these fears (or all of them…or different ones) surrounding creativity:

  • Not being perfect
  • Looking stupid
  • Spending too much money on supplies
  • Messing up the supplies that you have
  • Not knowing how to do something

I myself have had all these fears, especially not being perfect, looking stupid and being laughed at.

The thing of it is that fear is here to protect us – that’s it’s main job.  In this instance, however, we are not actually in danger.  There are no wild bears chasing us!

In fact, when it comes to creative fears it’s even more counterproductive because those fears keep you from creating and then you end up not expressing yourself and feeling like there’s something missing in your life.

In fact, had I listened to my fears I would never have even started this video series!  Now videos are one of my favorite things and I spent years avoiding them.

I still fear they’re not perfect (they’re not!), but I have let go of looking stupid and being laughed at by now, though my first several videos I was definitely still worried about all of those things.

A Creative Fear Story:

When I was a kid (like most kids!) I was really creative.  I loved to draw, paint, make cards, mold things with clay and make jewelry, among other things.  When I got into high school I took an art class.  I don’t remember exactly what the teacher said to me, but I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be in his class.

So I dropped the class.

I didn’t try to draw or paint for years.

A few years ago I started getting interested in trying painting.  I started out with really simple things.  For example, I wanted a specific look for my wedding invitations and some of the things for my wedding – a specific branch.  So I tried (and succeeded) painting the branches I wanted.

I showed the first painting I made in the video.  Actually it’s a mixed media piece.  I love that piece and I don’t really care about what anyone else things.

I slowly lost my fear of painting and making art.

Flower Mixed Media Painting

If I had continued to listen to my fears a piece of my creativity, part of my self-expression, would be missing.  There would be a hole in my life.

I’ve even had creative blocks when it comes to jewelry making.

I would be so afraid to use sterling silver because I didn’t have confidence in myself.  Sterling silver is expensive and I didn’t want to mess it up.

That’s why I often teach to use less expensive materials until you feel more confident and comfortable.  The more you practice, the less afraid you become.

Whatever your creative fear is, you can face it one very tiny step at a time.

What can your first tiny step be?

In today’s episode, I’m teaching a simple, inexpensive ring so you can start feeling creative right away!

Stretch Ring Tutorial:

Stretchy Button Ring Tutorial

This is a great quick and easy tutorial that you could even have the kids make!  It takes very little materials and no tools.  It’s super cute.

You can make a bunch and stack them.  Try making some without the buttons to go with the button rings as well.  Or use a focal bead instead of a button.  Use your creativity and express yourself.

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialMaterials:

  • Stretchy Bead Cord
  • Buttons (one or more per ring)
  • Small beads (you could use seed beads or other tiny beads
  • Scissors

Step #1

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialCut off some elastic cord.  Measure the amount you need to go around your finger and add a few inches on each side.

You can get the stretch cord at craft supply stores or jewelry stores.

Step #2

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialI used 2 beads for my ring and stacked them.  The first one was a shank button, so I just slid the cord through and centered the button.

Step #3

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialThen slide the other button so it will actually be under the shank button.  You can also stack flat buttons or just use one button.

Step #4

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialStart adding beads to the cord.  Just add as many as you need to go around your finger.

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialStep #5

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialNext you’ll tie a knot in your ring.  It is close to impossible to see how to do this on invisible stretchy cord, so I’ll show you with yarn instead.

I believe this is a surgeon’s knot.

First make a tie, like you are starting to tie your shoe.

Step #6

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialTie another knot like the first, but DON’T pull it tight yet.

Step #7

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialTake the loose cord on the right and wrap around and through the hole again.

Step #8

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialNow do the same on the left side, too.  Your basically just wrapping the end in and around the knot.

Step #9

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialPull the knot tight.

Step #10

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialTest the knot by pulling it and putting the ring on your finger before cutting off the ends.  When you’re satisfied that your knot will hold, then trim the ends close to the knot.

Note:  Some people like to place a bit of glue on the knot.  I have never done this and never had any issues with this kind of knot.

Step #11

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialEnjoy your new ring and make tons of them!!


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