Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorial eBook

Spiral Wire Jewelry TutorialsLove making spirals with wire?

Want to give it a try?

Do I have the tutorial eBook for you!

The Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorials eBook.

How to make a spiralYou’ll learn (with tons of close up photos and written instructions!):

  • How to Make 2 different types of spirals;
  • Spiral and Gemstone Chip Earrings project;
  • Spiral Earrings project;
  • Spiral Charm Necklace project;
  • Gemstone Chip and Spiral Pendant project;
  • Beaded Spiral Ring project;
  • Beaded Spiral Wire Wrapped Ring (style 2) project; and
  • Spiral Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet project.

That’s right, you’ll learn how to make spirals and then put your knowledge to use in real projects!

Spiral Beaded Wire RingPlus, I give you ideas to customize each project and really make them your own.

And you’ll be able to email me if you get stuck along the way!

144 pages of instructions, photos and ideas!

Terms:  You can use these tutorials to make jewelry to sell!  Yep, master the skill and then you can make some extra money!

Spiral Wire EarringsReady to get started?

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How to Create Amazing Handmade Gifts (Choose Your Own Adventure!)

How to Make JewelryChoose your own adventure jewelry making!

You might think you’re quickly running out of time to create beautiful handmade gifts, but the truth is you still have plenty of time to make jewelry!  Just follow this easy step-by-step process to create the perfect jewelry using my tutorials.  The tutorials are either free here on my blog or in my shop and instantly downloadable so you can get started right away!

Jewelry is so customizable that you can use any of my free or paid tutorials to make beautiful  personal gifts!

Chandelier EarringsFollow along to find the perfect jewelry gifts to make!

Wire Wrapping ToolsDo you already have jewelry tools?

Yes?  Continue reading.

No, but I want to get some.  What should I get?  Click here.

No, and I don’t want to get any.  Click here for a tutorial on how to make a stretch bracelet with no jewelry tools!

or click here for a stretch button ring.

Simple Stringing TutorialDo you want to work with wire?

Yes, but I’m new and I would love a bunch of tutorials all at one time!  Click here.  

(Or click here for a six week eCourse Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry, which includes the Wire Wrapping For Beginners eBook as a free bonus gift!  Note:  Rediscover only runs a couple times a year.)

Yes.  Continue reading.

No, not really.  Click here for a stringing tutorial.

Layered Wire Wrapped EarringsDoes the recipient have pierced ears and like earrings?

Yes?  Click here and find an earring pattern you like.  (Or join in Earrings Every Day Month in September.

No.  Continue reading for more options.

(If you don’t know or are not sure, continue on for more jewelry options.)

Wire Wrapped RingDo you know what size ring the recipient wears?

Yes.  Click here for 6 different ring tutorials in Wire Wrapping for Beginners.


  • Click here for the Adjustable Ring with Bead Clusters Tutorial
  • Click here for 2 beaded spiral rings in the Spiral Wire Jewelry eBook
  • Click here for a free simple adjustable wire ring tutorial.
  • Click here for a free heart and spiral adjustable wire ring tutorial.

(Do not want to make a ring?  Continue reading.)

How to Make BraceletsWould you like to make a bracelet?


  • Click here for the Charm Bracelet eCourse and learn how to make a charm bracelet.
  • Click here for the Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop
  • Click here for the Spiral Bracelet eWorkshop
  • Click here for a bunch of free bracelet tutorials


Continue Reading.

Upcycled Chandelier Crystal NecklaceWant to make the gift recipient a beautiful necklace?

Yes.  Click here for the Beaded Bunch Necklace

Or click here for the Beaded Spiral Pendant eWorkshop.

Or click here for the archives of the free necklace tutorials I have posted.


Continue reading.

Mixed Hardware BraceletWant to make some unique and industrial jewelry?


Click here for Hardware Bunch Earrings

Or click here for a Hardware Bracelet tutorial


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How to make a wire wrapped rock braceletDoes the recipient love nature and unique jewelry?

Yes.  Click here for for the Nature Jewelry Workshop.

No.  Click here to browse all of my jewelry tutorials in my shop to see if you find something you’d like to make!