Earrings Every Day Month, Day 11: Hardware Bunch Earrings

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 11:  Hardware Bunch Earrings

Today is Day 10 of Earrings Every Day Month and I’m sharing the earrings I’m making each day as we go along!

If you didn’t get in to sign up for the challenge, you can still participate just by making a pair of earrings each day!

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 11:  Hardware Bunch Earrings

Today is another day of hardware earrings, but in a different way.  I love the idea of a bunching things and making earrings (as you can tell from my Bunch Earrings and these Hardware Bunch Earrings.)

I used washers that remind me of little suns.

Have you made your Day 11 earrings yet?

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New Hardware Jewelry Tutorial Available! Hardware Bunch Earrings

Hardware Bunch Earrings

I’m so excited to announce the release of my newest earring tutorial!  Hardware Bunch Earrings! 

Hardware Bunch Earrings

Learn how to make these eco-friendly and funky earrings!

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Hardware Bunch EarringsLearn how to make these funky and unique earrings with a step by step tutorial with clear close up shots and easy to follow directions.

If you are a beginner, that’s fine, I teach you everything you need to know. If you already know how to make jewelry, you’ll learn this new technique to make these fun hardware earrings.

Also included are ways to customize your earrings!

This is the perfect time of year for earrings!

These go great with my Hardware Jewelry Workshop and/or my Hardware Bib Necklace Tutorial.Hardware Bunch EarringsGet started right now for just $4.00!

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