New eWorkshop! Decorative Bead Dangle Bracelet

Decorative Bead Dangle eWorkshop

I have a brand new eWorkshop!  The Decorative Bead Dangle Bracelet eWorkshop.

You’ll learn how to make a fun decorative bead dangle and then put them together to make a unique bracelet.

This workshop is great for building your confidence in your wire wrapping abilities because you’ll be repeating the process over and over again with the bead dangles.


What’s an eWorkshop?

It’s a workshop that takes place completely online.

You get a video and a PDF eBook with step-by-step photos and instructions.

Ask me any questions along the way.

It’s like an in person workshop, but better because you can take it any time you like in your own home.

Express your creativity and have fun building your wire wrapping skills with this new eWorkhop.

Available now at the early bird pricing for a limited time.

Click here to purchase.

Decorative Bead Dangle eWorkshop

3 Ways to Use Knotted Links in Jewelry Making

3 Ways to Use Knotted Links

I’m loving these knotted links and have made a few bracelets with them.  (Of course, you can use any of these ideas to make necklaces as well!)

knotted link bracelet

In my Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop I show you how to make these knotted links and how to make a bracelet with them.  But you can also use these links in other ways, too!

I have 3 fun ways you can use the skills you learn in the Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop.

Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop

#1  Make a chain of knotted links to make a bracelet or necklace.

This is exactly what I teach you in the Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop.

Knotted Link Bracelet

#2  Use the links as an element in a bracelet.

In this case I used the knotted links and wire wrapped bead links to make this bracelet.

Knotted Link Bracelet

#3  Use as a strand in a multiple strand bracelet or necklace.

I used three strands:  a knotted link strand, a strand of wire wrapped bead links and a chain.  Then I attached them all with a jump ring and added a clasp.

Ready to learn how to make a knotted link?  Check out my Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop and you’ll be making jewelry like this in no time!

Knotted Link Bracelet eWorkshop