Jewelry Design Inspiration: Circles

Design Inspiration - Circles

The question I get most often is where do my design inspirations come from.  So often that I’ve started this regular feature here on my blog to hopefully inspire you as well.

Last week I wrote about shapes as jewelry design inspiration and I told you how spirals so often show up in my life and in my jewelry designs.

Today I’m talking about circles.

Wire Circle Pendant

Circles are so beautifully perfect.  They are lovely in jewelry designs. Think of earring hoops or simple ring bands.  And when you think about it, beads are often a circle shape (really a sphere.)

When you are less than inspired, you can always return to a circle.

How to Make Hammered Circle Earrings

Consider how you can use circles in your jewelry designs.  The way I most often use circles is with wire.

Wire Wrapped Circle Ring Tutorial

Or you can make circles with beads as well.

How will you use circles in your jewelry designs?

Here are some free jewelry tutorials to get you started:

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant with Beads

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Design Inspiration: Shapes

Jewelry Design Inspiration:  Shapes

The question I get most often is where do my design inspirations come from.  So often that I’ve started this regular feature here on my blog to hopefully inspire you as well.


Did you ever have a shape that was all around you in various ways?  Probably you never actually thought about it before because I didn’t really either.  I was doing an online journal course and one day we were told to write or draw different symbols that often appear in our lives.

That’s when I realized that spirals are all around for me.  When I paint, I often paint spirals.  The artwork I have hanging in my home from other artists often include spirals.  When I mindlessly doodle, it’s often spirals.  I love looking at spirals and creating them.

I often make jewelry that have spirals as well.

Spiral Wire Ring Tutorial

Spiral Beaded Wire Ring

Think about shapes that you like and you are drawn to.  It could be any shape at all.  What shapes are in your home decoration?  What do you doodle when you’re talking on the phone?  If you do any other arts or crafts, what shapes come out?

Now, how can you incorporate that shape into your jewelry designs?

It could be as simple as using a bead that is that shape in your designs.  Or maybe you will make those shapes with wire in different ways.  Maybe your overall jewelry piece will be in that special shape when it’s complete.  Maybe you’ll need to work with the shape and transform it to make it into something you can use in your designs.

Have fun and get creative with it!

If spirals are your favorite shape, too, then you’d love the Spiral Wire Jewelry eBook.  I teach you how to make two different spirals with wire and then you get 7 jewelry projects to make!  Click here to learn more and to purchase for instant download.

Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorials



Design Inspiration: Winter

Design Inspiration:  Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for a lot of people.  I know I start to feel stuck inside.  I hate the cold and the snow can make it difficult to get around.

However, wintertime can be a great time to really practice your jewelry making skills.  (You’re kind of stuck inside anyway, right?)  And there are some really beautiful colors. The sky is often this gorgeous shade of blue.  And as much as snow is annoying to deal with it is quite beautiful, isn’t it?

Snow in Lititz, PA

Here are a few of my past articles about inspiration in wintertime:

Five Tips for Being Creative in Winter

Five Ways to Stay Inspired in Winter

A quote to inspire you during winter:  In the Depth of Winter

Snow tree

Find something that you love about winter and focus on that.  Or at the very least you can remember:

I heard a bird sing

In the dark of December.

A magical thing

And sweet to remember.

“We are nearer to Spring

Than we were in September,”

I heard a bird sing

In the dark of December.

I Heard a Bird Sing by Oliver Herford

Design Inspiration: Waterfalls

Design Inspiration:  Waterfalls

As I mentioned last week, the question I get most often is where do my design inspirations come from.  So often that I’ve started this regular feature here on my blog to hopefully inspire you as well.

I mention this often.  My biggest inspiration for jewelry making (and really everything in my life) comes from nature.  I love to spend time in nature.  I love trees and rivers and flowers.  But most of all I love waterfalls.


In ECT TV Episode 32 I showed you how to make a Waterfall Necklace.  The inspiration for this necklace came from my trip to Niagara Falls, the largest waterfalls I have been to.  I’ve been to all shapes and sizes of waterfalls all over Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.  Sometimes they involve hiking down a long and difficult trail.  Sometimes they are right off the road.  Sometimes they have become big tourist attractions.  Sometimes they are still in all of their natural beauty.  Truly, I love them all.

Why do I love waterfalls so much?  They are simply gorgeous to behold.  I love the water falling from one level to another and the sound they make.  They are soothing and make me feel happy and content.  In fact, there is a scientific reason why I feel this way around waterfalls.  The negative ions created by the waterfall create positive feelings.

Niagara Falls

So of course, I want to have a memory of the positive feelings that I have when I visit a waterfall and what better way than to make a piece of jewelry.

Waterfall Necklace

This is my interpretation of a waterfall in necklace form.

I have chains cascading down in different lengths.  I’ve added blue and white beads to represent the colors in the waterfall.

You don’t have to do something so literal.  Perhaps you’ll simply use the colors or something to represent the water cascading.  Maybe it won’t be either of those things but instead you represent how you feel when you’re at a waterfall.

If you’re interested in making this necklace, check out ECT TV Episode 32.  I give you the general idea of how to make the necklace, but I highly encourage you to simply use it as inspiration and come up with your own personal representation of a waterfall to you.


Want to make more jewelry inspired by nature?

Try the Nature Jewelry eWorkshop for just $24!  This is an online workshop that you do at your own pace that’s based on week 1 of my bigger Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse.

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Nature Jewelry Workshop

Design Inspiration: Playing with Materials

Design Inspiration:  Playing with Materials

One of my most common questions is where do I get my design ideas.

I talked about architecture as inspiration here.

And today we’re talking about materials.


Gemstone Chips

Often we are inspired by nature or other outside sources.  Sometimes it’s how we’re feeling or a situation we’re dealing with.  And other times it’s the materials themselves.

Bead and Wire Bracelet

Yesterday I spent some creative time just playing around with materials.  I went through my beads and found some that I liked.

Then I started making shapes with wire (I call this doodling with wire in my eCourse, Rediscover Your Creativity and Make Jewelry, for which I created a step-by-step tutorial for this project.)  I didn’t pre-plan it, I just had my different pliers available and started shaping the wire.

In this case, I made tons of loops, but who knows what I will make next time!

Then I mixed a couple of techniques.  I used two strands of beads using stringing and made some wire wrapped bead links.  I also made the clasp.

Then I put everything together.

Bead and wire bracelet

How to be Inspired by Materials and Create Designs:

  • Instead of planning ahead of time, just pick out some materials you might like to work with.
  • What different techniques are you familiar with that you’d like to try together?  Maybe two or three techniques you wouldn’t normally combine.
  • Allow yourself to try different things with your materials.  If you’re using wire, try doing some free form shapes.
  • Don’t worry about the outcome.  The worst thing that could happen is that you take it back apart and make something different.

So get out your tools and some beads and wire or whatever else you might want to try and just play without worrying about the outcome.  You could even set a timer and see what happens.


Wire Wrapping for Beginners

Want to start working with wire, but you’re not sure where to start?  Start with Wire Wrapping for Beginners!  Click here to learn more about this eBook or print book and start making stunning, sturdy jewelry while making amazing projects!