Circle Jewelry Inspired by an Art Journal Page

Art Journal Inspiration: Circles

Yesterday I shared my latest art journal page with lots of circles.

Art Journal Inspiration: Circles

After I completed the page, I was inspired to make some circle jewelry.

Wire Circle Jewelry

I don’t often making matching sets of jewelry, but I was having such a fun time with the technique that I kept going!

I made earrings:

Wire Circle Jewelry

A necklace:

Wire Circle Jewelry

And a ring:

Wire Circle Jewelry

(Then I was so inspired that I also created an eWorkshop to show you how to make them all!  That workshop is here:  Circle Jewelry eWorkshop)

The art journal page was simple:  just shapes and colors.  The jewelry inspired from it is also simple:  lots of circles like the art journal page.  Sometimes inspiration is something so simple like shapes you want to try to recreate.  Sometimes art journal pages can be simple, too.  In this case I just wanted to play with watercolors and pattern papers.

Whatever your inspiration is, it’s perfect.  It doesn’t always have to be deep and meaningful.  Sometimes you can just play.

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Jewelry Design Inspiration: Circles

Design Inspiration - Circles

The question I get most often is where do my design inspirations come from.  So often that I’ve started this regular feature here on my blog to hopefully inspire you as well.

Last week I wrote about shapes as jewelry design inspiration and I told you how spirals so often show up in my life and in my jewelry designs.

Today I’m talking about circles.

Wire Circle Pendant

Circles are so beautifully perfect.  They are lovely in jewelry designs. Think of earring hoops or simple ring bands.  And when you think about it, beads are often a circle shape (really a sphere.)

When you are less than inspired, you can always return to a circle.

How to Make Hammered Circle Earrings

Consider how you can use circles in your jewelry designs.  The way I most often use circles is with wire.

Wire Wrapped Circle Ring Tutorial

Or you can make circles with beads as well.

How will you use circles in your jewelry designs?

Here are some free jewelry tutorials to get you started:

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant with Beads

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Circle Art Tutorial

Circle Art Tutorial

I made this art piece in no time!  I love how sweet it is, and it wasn’t difficult at all!  Anyone can do this!

Circle Art Tutorial

Materials and Tools:

  • Canvas – I used a big canvas, you can use any size and just adjust how many circles you’ll use.
  • Acrylic paint – or really any paint you want.
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush and a smaller brush to paint the circles
  • Scrapbook or other paper

Step #1

Circle Art Tutorial


Paint a background on your canvas.  It could be a solid color or whatever you like really.  Leaving it white would be clean and fresh.

To create this background, I used yellow and white paint.  I just squeezed both on the canvas and used a foam brush with lines across the canvas and this is how it turned out.

Step #2

Circle Art Tutorial


Dig through your scrapbook and other paper and pick some out.  You’ll need different sizes, so you can go through your scraps, too.

I think this would also be cool with sheet music, dictionary pages or old book pages.  Whatever you like is fine!

Step #3

Circle Art Tutorial


Circle Art Tutorial


To figure out how many circles to cut out, I first used a piece of scrap paper to lay on the canvas and figure out how it would work.  I decided to use 2 large circles and 1 small for each row.

Once you have that figured out, you can start cutting circles.  I used different patterned papers, but keep somewhat within a color palette.  Use your instincts and just go with your gut for this.  This is where your creativity and the art come in!

Step # 4

Circle Art Tutorial

Circle Art Tutorial


Next cut out more circles to layer on top of the first circles.

I stopped at 2 layers because I liked the look, but you can feel free to keep on adding more layers if you like!

Step #5

Circle Art Tutorial


Circle Art Tutorial


Circle Art Tutorial


Using a foam brush, apply Mod Podge to the back of a circle.  Stick it to the canvas and then add Mod Podge to the top as well.

Step #6

Circle Art Tutorial


Add the second layer of the circle and then add Mod Podge to the top of it as well.

I did one circle at a time.


Circle Art Tutorial


Make sure that the edges are glued down and don’t be afraid to use your fingers to do it!

Step #7

Circle Art Tutorial


Continue until all the circles are glued on.  Then let it dry.  I think it only takes about 20 minutes to dry, but I allowed it to dry for more than an hour before moving on.

Step #8

Circle Art Tutorial


Pick out some paint to accent the circles.  Again I used acrylic paint.  I’m not sure how other paint will work because there will be some of the dried Mod Podge to paint over, but you can experiment with it if you want.  I know that acrylic paint worked.

Hint:  I have a collect of acrylic paint that ranges from the cheapo stuff in the wood isle at the craft store for less than $1 a tub, to much more expensive and professional paint.  For this project I used a combination and they all worked just fine.  You don’t have to spend a lot if you need to purchase paint for this project.

I painted accent circles around each collaged circle, using different colors.

Circle Art Tutorial


Step #9

Circle Art Tutorial

Proudly hang your new artwork!!

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