Craft Show Tips: Paperwork Organization

Craft Show Tip:  Paperwork Organization

Today I have another audio craft show tip for you.

I have been finding my need for audio for myself is pretty big:  I listen to audio while I’m doing dishes, cleaning, walking/exercising and when I’m making jewelry and doing other crafts.

So download to your favorite MP3 listening device and work away!  🙂

Length:  10:41

Craft Show Paperwork Organization  (<<<<Right click, save as to download)

Craft Show Paperwork Organization (Click to open in a new window and play)

Craft Show Paperwork Organization Notes on the Audio:

In my eBook, Craft Show Tips, the big message is (spoiler alert!) to be prepared and that’s how you will succeed at craft shows.

This is another way to be prepared.

As you may know if you have the eBook or have been reading or listening, you’ve heard me talk about one year that I did a craft show every single weekend (sometimes 2 shows!)  I had to be super organized with paperwork.

Here’s what I did:

  • For each show as I applied I created a file folder and put them in chronological order.
  • I made sure each show was on my calendar.  When I would apply I’d put it on my calendar and then when I was accepted I would mark it that I was accepted so I knew the status.
  • I kept everything I received that was pertinent for the show, such as a copy of the application (you may need to remember important information on the application), a copy of my payment, any correspondence and the vendor packet.  (Sometimes it comes via email, sometimes via mail.  I would print it.  You don’t necessarily have to if you don’t think you’ll need it.)

When the next show was coming up, I created a folder with the three prongs and put sheet protectors in it.  (I actually just used the same one over and over and just put that week’s information in it.)

To be honest, in this day and age having smart phones and tablets with us all the time, this may not be quite as important in the past.  Most shows will email your vendor packet (but not all of them do!)

Customize this list to what you most want in printed form.  Also consider where you’re going – your service might cut out in the most inopportune time!

Here’s what I included in my packet of information:

  • Sheet protectors to keep the information in.
  • Copy of application and copy of payment or receipt for payment for fee.
  • Vendor packet (either printed from email or what they mailed to you)
  • Show coordinator or director’s phone number somewhere handy in case of emergencies.
  • Directions to the show.
  • Any special directions about parking, set up, etc. (which is probably in the vendor packet or on the application)
  • Photos of set up (especially if you’re new and nervous about setting up.  Practice your set up and take photos).
  • Whatever tax ID or business license you have or need to have with you depending on where you are in the world.

Good luck at your next craft show!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any shows coming up or have done any recently!  I’d love to hear how you did.

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7 Things I Learned from Being an Attendee at a Craft Show

Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show

Last weekend I was an attendee at a huge craft show in my hometown.  I have sold at this craft show as well in the past.

It’s always interesting (and somewhat weird) to be at a craft show as a buyer instead of a seller because you get a whole different perspective.

If you’re planning on doing a craft show in the future, I highly recommend you attend it as a buyer first to get a feel for it.  It you can’t go to the particular show before you’re selling at it, go to ANY craft show and take it in.  You’ll learn a lot.

Listen to this week’s audio below:

Click to open in new window ~ Click to Download

Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show

7 Tips From the Other Side:

1.  Remember, your customers will get exhausted and irritable as well during a show (especially a big show like this one).  I get it.  You’ve been up since before the sun, set up your booth and have been outside selling all day.

Your customers have been walking around all day lugging stuff and looking at tons of booths as well.  Give them a break and be nice.  🙂

Which leads into . . .

2.  Great people in a friendly manner.

I ran into these basic categories when I walked into tents this weekend:

  • Cheerful and friendly people
  • Distant and aloof people
  • I was ignored completely
  • And sellers that were annoyed

Be the first one and not the rest!  You don’t have to be fake, just say hello.

Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show

3.  As a buyer, I get that there are certain things you have to do when you’re at a booth all day selling and I’m okay with it.

I get you may be eating at your booth or may need to pop out to use the restroom.  We’re forgiving.  You don’t have to apologize or say anything (Just see #2 above and don’t ignore me!)

I even saw a stand that put out a note “back in 5 minutes” which I have never done before, but it was great.  Usually I would just ask my neighbor to keep an eye on things.  The note was good because if I did have specific questions for that seller I knew he would be back shortly and I could come back then.

4.  Price things.

I can’t believe that people didn’t have things priced, but it’s really frustrating as a buyer.  If the seller is busy, I might not wait around to ask the price unless I’m really into it.  I also am afraid it might be a case of, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

Give your customers a break and price everything in a place that’s easy to see.

5.  The stands that had a cohesive theme I walked into.  The ones that were scattered all over the place I skipped.

6.  Big blown up photos of your item in use!  I saw this in one booth and I loved it!

7.  Signs are helpful, but cohesive booths are much better.  A sign does not make up for the rest of the booth being scatterbrained.


Craft Show Tips 4.0

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Craft Show Tip: Packing List (Audio)

Craft Show

Last week was all about outdoor shows and how to be ready for them.

This week I thought that I would share my packing list in audio form!  Don’t worry about taking notes.  You can just sign up for my email newsletter and get a PDF of the list.  (And if you’re already signed up, check your email because I sent it to you in case you misplaced it the first time!)

Here’s the audio:

Download (right click, save as)

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Craft Show Tips 4.0

Craft Show Tips Audio: Outdoor Craft Shows

Craft Show Tips

In case you are wondering about all the craft show photos I’ve had lately on these tips, it’s because I recently got access to my old photos from hard drives that failed.  (Thanks to my dad!  He saved 3 hard drives for me that the tech guys told me would cost $1,500 to retrieve the information and they weren’t even sure if they could do it!)

Here I am at a show.  it’s my first “First Friday” in Lancaster, PA.  It’s August 1, 2008 according to how I saved the photo.  This photo was taken just before the crowds rolled in.  This show changed how I felt about my business.  At the time it was my most profitable show and I started to believe that I could do this jewelry making business full-time.

Today I have an audio for you about being ready for outdoor craft shows.

They can be so much fun and so profitable, but they can be brutal as well.  The key factor being weather, which is something we cannot control.

We can, however, control how we deal with the weather.  This audio will give you tips for be ready for the weather.

This audio is longer than my previous one, it’s almost 20 minutes long!  You can listen below or click the link to download it.


Craft Show Tips 4.0

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Craft Show Tips Audio: Displays

Craft Show TipsI took this photo at a craft show/festival I was at a couple of weeks ago.  It was in this beautiful mountain town.  I love how the mountains are in the background of the festival.

This week I’ve tried something different and recorded an craft show tips audio.  I have been considering doing an audio version of my Craft Show Tips eBook so that you can listen to it while you’re crafting if you like.

Although the audio itself is new, I took it from this post (if you prefer to read it).  You can listen to it here or right click and save the “download” link.



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