Healing Your Art Wounds

Healing Art Wounds

Lately I’ve been thinking about art wounds from my past.  Maybe you have a similar story.

I’ve been art journaling a lot recently and had some negative stuff about not being good at art come up.  I’m always telling my students despite their lack of confidence, just try it anyway.  I encourage them to just try art journalling.  Regardless how you think it looks, it’s the doing that matters.

But sometimes I feel like I’m not an artist.  Who am I to tell people to make art journal pages when I’m not an artist myself?

Lately I’ve been thinking about where that story came from.

I am an artist and in my confident days I feel great about it.

In my non-confident days I feel like when I share an art journal page, drawing or painting I need to have a caveat that I am not an artist whatsoever.  I’m just experimenting.  On those days sometimes I don’t share anything at all.

It started in high school.

I have always been very crafty, but never ever thought of myself as an artist.  I wanted to be able to draw and paint.  I have very artistic friends.  Finally I took an art class in high school.  Within a week or so I had dropped it.  I can’t remember exactly what happened, but the teacher said something to me that made me feel like I didn’t belong in that class, that I was not an artist.

Ironically, considering what I do now, I had a very similar experience in a high school jewelry making class.  (Different teacher.)  My high school art teachers were super unsupportive to anyone who wasn’t already an artist.  Thinking about it now it seems crazy.  In high school you’re still so young.  It’s possible that you never had the opportunity to try things like art.  It’s a time of experimentation.

I steered clear from art for decades.  I “knew” I wasn’t an artist, so I never tried to do art.  I stuck to my crafts (including jewelry making and scrapbooking and others), but I didn’t bother with drawing or painting or anything like that.

What art wounds do you need to heal?

Is there a recording playing in your head telling you that you are not an artist?  How did that recording get there?

If that wound was not there, what would you be doing?

For me, I wanted to paint.  So several years ago I tried painting.  It felt like freedom.

Healing Art Wounds

Do it.

Do the art you wanted to do.  You can take a small step like just spending 5 minutes trying something you always wanted to try.  Maybe it’s something you used to do until someone told you you’re not good enough.  Return to it.

Maybe it’s something new you’ve wanted to try.  Try it.

Be kind and easy on yourself.

You may find it painful and the words or feelings of that original art wound my come back and hurt you.  That recording I mentioned earlier will get loud in your head.  Be patient.  Take it one step at a time.

Be encouraging to yourself.  Replace that negative voice with something encouraging from yourself.  You can listen to that negative voice and say to it, “I hear you, but I’m going to do this anyway.”

Do not use any shortcomings you see as proof that the recording that you’re playing in your head is right.

Do more art.

The more art you do, the more confident you will get.  I love art journals because you have all these pages to fill with artwork and no one has to see them (unless you want to share them.)

Just keep at it.  Keep creating art.  Reset that recording that tells you you’re not an artist.  Record right over it with a new positive message!

Healing Art Wounds

If you’re not sure about what to do, I highly recommend jewelry making (of course!)  You can get started here.

It’s great because it’s fun to make, it can be meditative when you’re making it, you express yourself while you’re making it and you get to wear your art and express yourself when you’re wearing it, too!

Healing Art Wounds

Art jounaling is also a great tool to help you get through your art wounds.  It’s private.  You can write, draw, paint, experiment and do whatever you like in there and no one has to see it unless you share it.

Find tips to start an art journal here.

Heal your art wounds and start creating with these free resources:

Are You Ready for Craft Show Season?

Craft Show Tip:  Are you ready for craft show season?

As we start to move into warmer months craft shows start popping up more and more.

Are you ready?

The very best way to be successful at a craft show is to be prepared!  I have a bunch of blogposts that can help you get ready.

Craft Show Tip: 5 Reasons to LOVE Doing Craft Shows

Need reasons why you would even want to do a craft show?  Check out these 5 Reasons to Love Doing Craft Shows.

Planning for Craft Shows

When I wrote the blogpost about 7 reasons you should be planning for craft shows now, it was January, but the information still applies in March.


Craft Show Tip - Display Design

A well thought out and carefully designed craft show booth could be the difference between people stopping by and shopping at your booth or walking on by.  People have to be enticed to come on in before they even really get the chance to look at your fabulous products.

My Display Design post will help you plan and there’s even a PDF worksheet to help you.  Click here to check it out.

Craft Show Tip - Display Design Part 2

Now you have ideas, where do you get displays?  Display Design Part 2 blogpost has a list of resources item by item that won’t break the bank!

Craft Show Tip - How Much Inventory to Take

One of the most asked questions I get about craft shows is how much inventory to take to a show.

While this is a difficult question to answer because every craft show is different and so many different things will affect how much you’ll sell at a craft show.  But you have to start somewhere.

I have a little formula that I like to use when I think about how much inventory to take.  It’s a start.  Find that craft show inventory formula here.

Craft Show Tip - Dos and Don'ts of Dealing with Customers at a craft show

Are you shy or nervous about talking to customers at a show?  Are you letting that get in your way of doing craft shows?  My Dos and Don’ts of Dealing with Customers at Craft Shows post will help you.

Craft Show Tips: Newsletters

Having a newsletter or email updates is important for any business whether you’re doing craft shows or not.  You need a way to keep in touch with your customers so they remember you and all the cool stuff you make.

Check out my tips for using newsletters for and at craft shows here.

Craft Show Tip: Promoting Your Online Shop

Craft shows are great for so many reasons.  The first thing they are good for, of course, selling your products.  They’re great for meeting your customers and other things.

But what if no one is buying?  Even if they are buying, you want them to find you again, right?

This tip is for you if you have an online shop.

Craft Show Tip: Paperwork Organization

How I deal with the paperwork that goes with a craft show so I can easily find it when I need to.  Click here to read this tip.

Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show

Being an attendee at craft shows has taught me a lot.  Here are 7 things I learned from being a craft show attendee.

Craft Show Tips

Craft Show Packing list.  This is an audio, but you can get the packing list in PDF form when you sign up for my craft show tips newsletter.

Craft Show Tips eBook

I hope that these posts give you a great start to feeling prepared for craft show season!  I have a great eBook all about getting ready for shows that’s packed with information, lists and worksheets!  I take you step-by-step through the process of getting ready for craft shows and what to do when you’re there.

Learn from my experience, my failures and my successes.

Find out more about Craft Show Tips eBook and get a copy of my Craft Show eBooks here.

Craft Show Tip: 5 Reasons to Love Doing Craft Shows

Craft Show Tip:  5 Reasons to LOVE Doing Craft Shows

Craft Shows are great for so many reasons.  They are such a great way to get in front of your customers in person and hear what they are saying about your art.  There aren’t a lot of opportunities to meet and network with other artists and crafters, but craft shows give you that opportunity.  You’re out in public, showing your art and it can be a wonderful – even if scary – thing to do.

Here are 5 reasons to love doing art and craft shows:

1.  You get to meet your customers.  If you sell online it’s difficult to get to know your customers.  Of course, there are ways and you’ll certainly get to know your most loyal customers even online, but craft shows are one of the only ways you’ll meet them face to face.

It’s exciting and can be scary as well.  You’re not a faceless maker on the internet.  You are a real person with real feelings.  They might not like everything you make.  (Here’s a spoiler:  not everyone will like what you make.  Not even the people who like some of your stuff will like it all.  Be ready for it.)

Some people will be mean.  They still won’t notice the person standing there who actually created all of the stuff they’re looking at.  You will be background for some of those people.  It happens.  You can be ready for it so it doesn’t hurt you so much.

But by and large the vast majority of the people will have nice comments for you.  They’ll say what they like.  They’ll tell you what they would love to see from you and that can help you shape your future creations.  You can see what they’re looking at, what they buy and what they walk away from.  You can find out how the public reacts to your art.

Use this all as an opportunity to learn about your market and what they love and don’t like.

2.  You make fans so much easier at craft shows than online.  You can get their email address and keep in touch with a newsletter and they’ll remember meeting and talking to you so much more than if they stumbled across your website.  I have found my most rabid collectors are from craft shows.

If you are able to take custom orders, this is even more the case.  People love personalized, custom work.  They’ll definitely remember you and call on you for more pieces in the future once you have made them a custom piece.

3.  You get to meet fellow artists and crafters.  This has been one of the best things about craft shows for me over the years.  Working for myself mostly alone it’s easy to feel like there’s no one who gets what you’re doing.  Meeting people who do what you do makes you feel more like a part of a community.  It’s energizing.  I have met lifelong friends doing craft shows.

4.  You get to have your own little store for a day.  No one decides how your booth will look except for you.  (Unless you’re doing a show with specific rules about this.)  You get to put your own creativity and design aesthetic into your booth design.  Unless you have a store or some sort of permanent retail space you don’t get this opportunity in any other way.  It’s another way to express yourself and express your art to your customers.

5. You make money.  When you strip everything away, you’re really doing a craft show to make money.  The best part is you leave with that money at the end of the day.  No waiting for a check to come at the end of the week.

Ready for craft shows?  Get prepared for your show from applying to planning your booth, what to do during a show and tearing down with my Craft Show Tips eBook.

Click here to learn more about it and get your copy today!

5 Day Creativity Challenge Wrap Up

5 Day Creativity Challenge

So how did you do this week on the creativity challenge?

I know that some of you were very successful and some of you emailed me to tell me you were having trouble getting started.

But that’s the whole point of it really, the getting started.

It doesn’t particularly even matter what you do as long as it’s something that makes you feel creative.

Here are a few things I worked on during the creativity challenge:

Rose Bangle Bracelet

A new bangle bracelet for myself.


This bracelet that seemed like a good idea – but it’s not particularly working out when I’m wearing it – so I will be working on the design more.

And the other days I worked on my wedding scrapbook.


I think this has had the biggest impact for me.  I had started this scrapbook over 2 years ago.  I got married May 19, 2012.  I love scrapbooking, but I haven’t done it regularly for many years.  I knew I wanted to make an actual physical scrapbook for my wedding.

(Truth be told, I also want to do a digital version that I can have made into a book as well….but one step at a time.)

With the scrapbooking I am now motivated to continue working on this book and complete it!  I’m excited, energized and enthusiastic about it!

So for me this 5 Day Creativity Challenge has been a big success!

Other people shared that they were knitting, doing digital art, painting their nails, making jewelry, writing, among other things.

Here’s the final video:

If you would like to work with me further on your creativity, I have this great 6 week eCourse called Rediscover Your Creativity Through Making Jewelry.

Each week for six weeks you get a creativity booster, jewelry making lessons and jewelry projects.

People new to jewelry making have taken the eCourse and had their creativity energized and I have had professional jewelry makers take the course and get a lot out of the creativity parts.

Get $50 off for a limited time.  It’s normally $89, but I wanted to offer it to you for just $39 so you can keep the creativity going!

If you have not gotten started on the challenge, then this will help you with specific creativity boosters to do.

If you have done the challenge and want to keep going, this will help you, too.

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Learn more about the eCourse by clicking here.  And please do not hesitate to contact me to ask any questions you may have.