Craft Show Tip Q & A: How to Deal with Wind

Craft Show Tips

I have talked about wind – and how much I loathe it at outdoor craft shows – before, but I never gave really specific tips on what to actually do about it!

This week is a Q & A.  I had a question about what to actually do about the wind at a craft show.

The audio is filled with lots of useful tips including a step by step on how to make your own weights.

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Craft show tips

The pegboard I mentioned is in the photo at the top and the shutters with my earrings are just above here.

Note:  This particular set up would not work in the wind because the shutters move a bit and would knock over my other displays.

This is where the flexibility I mentioned comes in:

  • I could move everything on the table.
  • I could take down the shutters.
  • I could remove the displays on the table and just put all the jewelry flat on the table (and sometimes this might be your only option).
  • I could move the table so that the shutters don’t interfere with the displays.
  • I could hang the shutters elsewhere.

When you’re planning for an outdoor show, just think about what will hold up in the rain and wind.  Look for heavy display pieces made of heavy wood or metal.

Good luck!  I hope you never have to deal with the wind.

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Craft Show Tips: Be Prepared

Craft Show Tips

The last craft show I did was a different situation for me.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it took place so close to my house, I gave it a try without ever having checked it out.

Since I wasn’t sure what to expect, I didn’t request electricity.  It was a show around Christmas time and I had ornaments for sale and had my cute little Christmas tree.  It had lights, but I figured that I just wouldn’t use them.  Sometimes if you need electricity at a show it can be a pain involving extension cords and taping the cords down, etc.  and was just trying to keep it low key.  And, I didn’t really want to pay even more money for a show I hadn’t checked out before.

When I started setting up the show, I realized that (a) it was lit, but not bright in the building (b) my tree would really stand out a lot better if I plugged it in, and (c) the electrical outlet was right next to my tree.

I knew I needed to use the electricity, which I hadn’t asked for or paid for.  The director of the show was really busy with the set up and telling people where to go.  However, I asked her about the electric and paid her the additional fee and she was super nice about it, even though she was busy.

Instead of asking for electric after the fact, I should have thought about it before the show and put it on the application.  It might not have been possible at other shows or if the director wasn’t as laid back as this one was.

Main St Market

The lit tree made a big difference and I know that people would have missed the ornaments otherwise.

The lesson here is this:  Be Prepared.  Think about what you are selling and the venue and what you need.  If you sell jewelry especially, you may just want to always get electricity because you’ll want to make sure your pieces are seen.

Also, check out the venue before doing a show.  I usually like to walk a show before I actually apply to be a vendor at a show.

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