Tier Earrings Pattern

Tier Earrings Pattern

Feeling creatively blocked?  Earrings can help!

I love earrings because you can make them relatively quickly and feel creative right away.  They don’t take a ton of materials either.  Plus, these particular earrings are great for beginners to wire wrapping.  I love them so much that I created a month challenge for them!

Note:  If you are/were in the Earrings eCourse with me (September 2014), or you own Wire Wrapping for Beginners eBook, then this is already part of those, so don’t purchase it again here by accident!

Earrings are a quick way to express yourself and your creativity.

  • They don’t take a lot of time to make.
  • You can express your creativity when you’re making the earrings.
  • Plus, they have the bonus feature that you can express your creativity when you’re wearing your one-of-a-kind creations as well.
  • (Plus the bragging rights and confidence building of “Oh, you love these?  I made them!”

Tier Earrings

Tier Earrings are 2 or more tiers wrapped together with wire.

This tutorial will give you the instructions to make the basic earrings – how to make a bead dangle, bead link and put everything together – and then give you inspirational ideas to customize the earrings to your own unique personality and style.

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Tier Earrings Pattern
Tier Earrings Pattern
Learn how to make tier earrings and get inspiration for customization.
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