Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse

Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry

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Give me 6 weeks

and I will take you from being creatively blocked

to making creative and unique jewelry designs of your own!

Find your creative mojo again!

If you’ve been feeling creatively blocked or want to amp up your creativity, Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry will help you find your creativity again and make unique, creative jewelry pieces with creativity boosters, jewelry skills lessons and jewelry projects!

Rediscover Your Creativity through Making Jewelry is 6 week eCourse, held online with video instruction and PDF eBooks.  Plus you get a full PDF eBook (digital in PDF form) of all the lessons to download and save.  (And you get indefinite access to the eCourse after it’s over!)

It’s perfect for people who want to learn to make jewelry or for people who already make jewelry but want to be more creative.

* * I know what it’s like to not feel creative.  I know what it’s like to feel like I’m just making the same jewelry as everyone else and not feel like I’m expressing myself.  And I know how to fix it.  🙂

* * I know it’s hard when you want to express your creativity, but you’re feeling blocked.  And I have lots of ideas to boost your creativity and hints and tips for creativity even when you’re feeling blocked or stuck.

* * I know that you need your sanity restoring jewelry making time.

* * I know that there are so many options for jewelry making and it can be difficult to know what to make.  And I can help you come up with lots of ideas for your own creative designs!

* * I also know that taking an eCourse can really inspire your creativity!

How this eCourse can help you:

  • You get creativity activities.  (I call them creativity boosters.)  When you express yourself creatively, you can feel more relaxed and more yourself.
  • This course will have you feeling so creative you’ll have ideas for your own projects — you’ll no longer wonder which jewelry tutorial to do because you have your own ideas!
  • You get jewelry making skills lessons that teach you the technical skills for making jewelry.
  • And jewelry projects to learn a variety of skills and be able to complete full projects with my instructions.  (21 of them!)
  • Once you have the skills, your creativity can really start to be creative and express yourself.

Rediscover Your Creativity Through Making JewelryYou will:

  • feel more creative,
  • learn specific jewelry skills such as wire wrapping, stringing, making shapes with wire and many other skills,
  • use your intuition to choose beads,
  • alter game pieces.
  • You get 21 full jewelry making projects and tons more  jewelry making skills lessons.
  • Plus you get my support and guidance.

You’ll come up with lots of your own ideas for jewelry pieces because you’ll be feeling more creative.


If you don’t understand something during the course, send me an email and I’ll explain it.  I have even made special videos for my students if need be!

After taking the eCourse you’ll have confidence in your creativity and jewelry making skills and be able to freely express yourself.  Plus you get a confidence boost every time you complete a project.

In this eCourse you’ll learn:

  • Techniques for discovering, rediscovering or boosting your creativity;
  • Specific jewelry techniques and skills; and
  • How to make some great, unique jewelry.
  • Hints and Tips along the way for collecting your creative ideas and even more inspiration.



Rediscover Your Creativity Through Making Jewelry is held on a password protected website.  You get private videos and PDF lessons.  There is a full eBook with everything as well.  You’ll be asked to join an email newsletter and you’ll receive weekly lessons for 6 weeks in your inbox.

Additionally there are bonus tips and tricks throughout the eCourse as extra bonuses each week!

Jewelry making is the perfect medium for creative expression!  You can start and complete projects in relatively little time, plus you get to wear your creations!

This eCourse contains creativity prompts – prompts you can return to throughout your life.  (And you get lifetime access to the eCourse!  So you can return to it again and again!)

Rediscover Your CreativityThe creative activities include:

  • Going into Nature;
  • Journaling;
  • Doodling;
  • Painting (or trying something new);
  • Collage;
  • And a final creativity activity to cement what you learned and bring it all together.

You get direction, videos and eBooks for each activity.


In addition to the creativity activities you will get jewelry making lessons and jewelry projects including:

  • Several nature inspired jewelry projects;
  • Unique bead stringing projects;
  • Wire shaping and wire wrapping;
  • Scrabble Tile and other game piece pendants;
  • Intuitive necklace.
  • Many, many more!

Plus my extra tips for capturing and saving your creative ideas throughout the eCourse.

And you’ll learn a variety of jewelry making skills as well!

The jewelry making projects are designed to go along with the creativity boosters so you are feeling much more creative when you start working on your jewelry project.

  • You get 21 full jewelry making tutorials from me – step-by-step with videos + eBooks with photos that you can download and print.  (Plus a full eBook of the entire course you can download and save.  ($340.00++ value.)
  • You get numerous step-by-step jewelry making lessons also via video and eBooks. ($200.00 + value)
  • You get 6 creativity boosting exercises with videos and worksheets.  ($100.00 + value)
  • Plus unlimited access to me via email.  You will learn what you want and I will help you until you do.  Priceless 🙂

 Total Value = more than $640.00 + Plus extra tips and tricks.

And hey, this is a lot cheaper than therapy!!

What value can you put on having never ending creative ideas and ways to express yourself?

Strung bracelet 4

The details of this eCourse

  • Immediately after your purchase, you will get the link for a PDF with instructions.  You will also get the PDF link via email as well.
  • Download the PDF for instructions about the eCourse.  There you’ll find how to sign up for the eCourse emails.  It’s a private email sign up and that’s how you will receive your weekly lessons.  (It’s important that you sign up right away!)
  • Weekly lessons 1 – 5 have a Creativity Booster, Jewelry Making Lessons and at least two Jewelry Projects (and usually more, total of 21 projects in the eCourse).  Week 6, the final week, is a little bit different.  (But just as amazing!)
  • You will keep access to the eCourse.  When I make additions and upgrades, you automatically get all of those, too!  You also get invited to future sessions as long as you stay on the Rediscover Customers List.
  • The price is $99.00   and includes everything above. PLUS you get priority email access to me during the eCourse if you have any questions or need any help.  Whatever I need to do to explain the answer, I will do, including making special videos if necessary.There are 18 complete jewelry projects in this eCourse, and that number does not even include the jewelry making lessons and the creativity boosters.


Leaf Earrings

Collage Necklace

Why learn from me?  Why this eCourse?

*  I respond quickly to emailed questions and I try to make everything fun.  You can get a taste of what I’m like from my ECT TV episodes.

*  My students love my friendly approachable nature.  I am told I make complex things seem simple and easy to do.  I show you in real time how to make the projects plus you get eBooks to download/print to take to your work table.

*  There are other jewelry tutorials out there.  You can try to find stuff about creativity and getting unblocked.  But you won’t find creativity and jewelry together in this way. 

*  If you’ve seen other people’s jewelry tutorials and mine, you know mine are clear both with clear photos and clear written instructions.  I have videos to show you as well as step-by-step photo instructions in PDF eBooks.


Remember, here’s what’s included:

  • At least 3 Weekly videos/PDFs/activities for 6 weeks. (Some weeks more than that!!) (Plus you can access the videos anytime if you get behind.)
  • Each week will have a creativity boosting activity which include activities that have worked for me and others! This may include things like talking a walk in nature (don’t worry if you’re not mobile, I have other ideas for you!) or doing other creative artistic ventures that are not jewelry (doodling, writing, etc.)
  • Each week get jewelry skills lessons/tutorials via video and PDF.
  • Each week will include a jewelry making project for you to complete. Actually, there are a total of 21 projects in this eCourse.
  • You can show off your creativity when you wear your jewelry, plus you’ll have a reminder of that creativity prompt.
  • You get the full eCourse eBook, 314 pages that you can download and save.
  • Helpful tips and hints for creativity throughout the class.

Don’t forget all the support, videos and the creativity you will rediscover!!




P.S.  Have questions?  contact me




I purchased the eCourse, now what?

Thank you!  You’ll immediately be taken to a page with a PDF (it’s also emailed to you).  Download that PDF (and you’ll want to save it somewhere you can find it again if you need it.)  In the PDF you’ll get a link for the private page plus the password you’ll need.  Also, you will get the link to sign up for the private eCourse newsletter, which is how you receive your weekly emails.

How does the payment plan work?

You can see the specific terms by clicking on the link for the payment plan, but basically you’ll make the first payment and then a payment each week on the same day of the week until the plan is completed.

I’ll send you the welcome PDF after I get the first payment.  It’s sent manually, so please allow me up to 24 hours to get that to you.

After you receive the PDF, you do everything the same.

What if I don’t have time to take the eCourse now?

That’s okay, you have lifetime access to the eCourse, so you can take it in your own time whenever you like.  However, I only offer this eCourse once or twice a year, so get it now while it’s still for sale!

That being said, I really recommend that you try to take the eCourse along with everybody.  Choose a time in the week to work on the lessons and make it a priority.  🙂

Do I have to be online at a certain time?

Nope.  I send out the weekly lessons on Monday mornings, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the exercises on Monday. You can do them at any time.

If you have questions or need help, you email me or leave a comment in the private classroom and I’ll get back to you asap.

As part of the eCourse, you have “priority” email access to me.  I respond to students’ questions usually within hours (unless I’m sleeping! haha!)

I purchased this before, do I have to get it again?

Nope!  Once you purchase the eCourse you have lifetime access to it including any updates/additions I do to it.

I send out an email inviting past students to join in again.  If you didn’t get that email for any reason, simply contact me at and ask me to add you.  I’ll need your name and the email address you used at the time you purchased the eCourse to confirm you as a student.

Any other questions?

Email me at and ask away!

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