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Starts September 1st

SORRY!  You missed this year!  See you next September!

Give me 15 minutes a day and I will take you from creatively blocked to having 30 pairs of gorgeous, creative earrings at the end of September!

I hear a lot that people just don’t have the time to be creative.  I understand that because I feel the same way.  We all have so many things to take care of every day and we put our wants and needs on the back burner, saving it for another day.

But what if you could be creative for a short period of time every single day?  You could carve out 15 minutes for yourself and for your creativity.  Wouldn’t that be great?!  You could get into a creative habit and it wouldn’t take up that much more time in your day!

Chandelier Earrings

Earrings are a quick way to express yourself and your creativity.

  • They don’t take a lot of time to make.
  • You can express your creativity when you’re actually making them.
  • Plus, they have the bonus feature that you can express your creativity when you’re wearing your one-of-a-kind creations as well.
  • (Plus the bragging rights and confidence building of “Oh, you love these?  I made them!”)

Earrings eCourse helps you express yourself with a project every day.  You’ll get creative ideas to put to use immediately.  You can quickly make something and feel creative right away.

You could even get up a few minutes earlier, make your earrings for the day and wear them that day!

how to make earrings

Earrings eCourse will:

  • Boost your confidence as you gain skills throughout the month and get more and more comfortable making earrings.
  • Make you feel more creative.
  • Give you a new purpose of self-expression of your creativity.
  • Make you feel more personally fulfilled.
  • Plus, you’ll have 30 new pairs of earrings at the end of it to express yourself while you’re wearing them!

Hammered Wire Earrings Tutorial

Results you will get:

  • 30 new pairs of earrings that you have made in your own style using my tutorials and videos to learn techniques.
  • You’ll be creative every day for 30 days
  • Tons of ideas and inspiration
  • You’re learn how to make several different types of earring wires (money saving!)

Available only in September

Exactly what you get with this eCourse:

  • Daily emails
  • Daily tutorial – this will be either a PDF or a video or both
  • Clear, detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Customization ideas and hints to make the earrings truly your own creations
  • A private page you can refer back to again and again when you need inspiration and ideas for making earrings again

how to make earrings

Earrings eCourse versus Earrings Every Day Month:

Let me try to keep this as simple as possible:  Earrings Every Day Month is a free project that anyone can participate.  There is a free daily email with inspirational photos.  You can try to make the earrings you see or make whatever earrings you like.  There are some free tutorials along the way, but not nearly every day.

Earrings eCourse gives you daily tutorials.  Sometimes you’ll get a video, sometimes a PDF and sometimes both.  That’s 30 tutorials in a month for one low price!  You will get daily emails and encouragement plus the tutorials to make the earrings.  It coincides with Earrings Every Day Month and is the premium version of Earrings Every Day Month.

Vine Earrings Tutorial

My customers tell me again and again how clear and simple my tutorials are to use.  In video, I take my time and make sure that you have all the information that you need to be successful.  The videos are shot so you can clearly see what I’m doing.  It’s my viewpoint looking at my hands – even better than learning in person because there’s no other way for you to have that vantage point in any other way.

My PDFs contain clear, close up shots of every step along with clearly written instructions.  I do not assume you know something and leave it out like other tutorial writers do.  I assume this is your first time for every technique I teach.  (If you know the technique, you can skip to parts you don’t know or you may get a new perspective on the technique.)

I’ve been told I make complex things seem simple.  That’s because I break everything down into precise, small steps.  If you take your time and are patient, I believe you can do everything one step at a time.

I’ve also been called inspiring.  I show you how I made the earrings, but I also give you more ideas and encouragement to try different ways of making the earrings.

Earrings tutorials

Other teachers:

  • Don’t explain everything because they make certain assumptions that you know things.
  • To save space they leave out details.
  • Their patterns are jumbled together and difficult to follow and read.
  • They give you 1 way of doing it without any inspiration or ideas to change or customize it.
  • Their photos aren’t as clear and their instructions aren’t clear.
  • Their videos show them making things, but not from a bird’s eye view.

Kim says-001

Kimberlie Kohler

I have been making jewelry since I was a child and professionally making and selling jewelry for close to 10 years.  I had a retail space for years and now I’m teaching others about jewelry making.  I’ve held several online eCourses and sold lots of patterns.

I’m so excited to share all these earrings with you and for you to feel creative every day!  I love earrings so much because you can whip them up to go with an outfit just before you walk out the door.

I can imagine you getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, opening up your Earrings eCourse email and making a pair of earrings to go with the outfit you’re going to wear that day.  How fun is that?

Learn how to make a variety of earring wires and 30 earring styles!

This eCourse is only available for September!  And it starts on September 1st, so make sure to sign up right away!

I sell my jewelry patterns for $5 each usually, so this is an amazing deal worth well over $150 when you factor in all the earring wire and headpin tutorials you get as well!

When you purchase you’ll immediately receive a PDF in your email welcoming you to the course with instructions on how to join the secret mailing list for the Earrings eCourse.  Make sure you open that email and click the download link and make sure you read the PDF!

Before the course starts, you’ll receive an introduction that includes how to make several pairs of earrings wires and headpins.  Then on September 1st you’ll receive your first earring tutorial for Earrings eCourse and get one per day for the entire month!

Get 30 earring tutorials and get a little creative time back in your life.  Last day to register is September 1st.  After that, Earrings eCourse will no longer be available to join!  Click add to cart below.


Learning Guarantee


I want you to be successful and feel creative!  I can’t wait to get started!



P.S.  Don’t forget to get in make sure to register before September 1st.  I’m only running this in September and it’s not available at any other time during the year!

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