Wire Wrapped Loop

Wire Wrapped Loop

Welcome to Lesson 7!

The wire wrapped loop, to me, is the basis of most — if not all — wire wrapped jewelry.  You’ll be making these over and over in different ways forever.

I have a technique that is different from others.  I found the “other way” to be frustrating. So I developed my own technique, which is what I’ll show you in this video.

I’m told how much simpler it is all the time.

Have fun!


PDF eBook:  Quick Start Guide – Wire Wrapped Loop

Action Step:

Practice making wire wrapped loops!  This will likely feel awkward to you at first, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get and the more comfortable you’ll feel!

One thought on “Wire Wrapped Loop

  1. I have struggled for years to make a decent and consistent wire wrapped loop. I like the way you do it and look forward to using the technique!

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