Wire Safety


Welcome to Lesson 1

This lesson is every so important, but often overlooked subject of wire safety.

I mean, this is jewelry making.  What could be so dangerous?

You can watch the video below for some simple tips and read and save the PDF for future reference.


PDF eBook:  Quick Start Guide – Wire Safety

Wire Safety

Action Step:

Think about being safe with wire and consider purchasing safety equipment I suggest.

5 thoughts on “Wire Safety

  1. Thank you for addressing these important issues. I probably wouldn’t have thought about them until after something bad happened. Do you know where I can find those gloves? Also, in some other videos, I have seen people wearing what looks like a very thick band-aid on their fingers, I assume they protect your fingers also. Do you recommend those and know where I could find them? I am looking forward to more videos to come. Thanks again!

    • Hi Anna,
      The gloves I use I purchased in the knitting section of A.C. Moore.
      I’m not sure about the other things you mentioned, so I’m not sure where you would find them.
      Thanks for your comment.
      🙂 Kim

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