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If you’re new here, let me tell you what happens here!

Here you’ll find a lot of ways to  explore creativity and expression through jewelry making!  Learn new techniques and patterns with my free tutorials (usually I post a new tutorial weekly.)

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I have a whole line up of eCourses, eBooks, eWorkshops and I even have a supply shop to help you express yourself creatively through making jewelry!

More about creativity:

Creativity and self-expression are important.  Making jewelry allows you to fulfill your desire to be creative, give you a sense of joy when you give gifts or wear your artwork, and allows you to relax and obtain a state flow when you are concentrating on the project.  Discover a new meaning in your life!  All hobbies allow you to express your passion and purpose.  Let’s face it, not everyone is living exactly the life they would most want, but art and craft allow us to feel that excitement and joy that we might be missing at our jobs or everyday lives.

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